Mad Max Director Calls 'Death Stranding' Extraordinary

Celebrated director George Miller, who is best known for his Mad Max franchise, talks to IGN about the upcoming game Death Stranding. Calling it "extraordinary", Miller praises video game designer Hideo Kojima for having the creative courage to push the boundaries.

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Nacho_Z533d ago

Is it just me or have all the articles about well known people praising the originality of the game to the rafters featured people who may have never picked up a controller in their life.

AK91533d ago

That honestly also goes to the game journalists criticizing the game as well though.

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8bitRey533d ago

What George was able to do at his age with Fury Road is pretty amazing. Him giving Kojima praise is a big deal. Especially to a film geek like Hideo.

sprinterboy530d ago

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I enjoy all types of games apart from anime and maybe I'm being slightly harsh but comon there is a reason 75% of the games on these services sold less 100,000/250,000 in sales. Where were the gamers supporting these great games then when they were released @ retail or digital stores for bargain prices and store sales or better still less than a fiver in used bin basket at retail (oh wait I'm still on the fence about it) yet low and behold nobody bought them.
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MetalGearAlex533d ago

Remember Hideo has a "Very very Easy" mode for those who never picked up a controller so they can enjoy the whole game. And who's to say George Miller didnt play on "Big Boss European Extreme" mode?

KingofGambling532d ago

My money is on George Miller going to appeared in Death Stranding.

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