Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Looks Absolutely Incredible - IGN

Here are several moments to look out for in our newly captured footage of Modern Warfare that show off its new engine and extremely shiny graphics.

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Jimboms533d ago

Very excited to play this

Thunder_G0d_Bane533d ago

In single player yes but the multiplayer visuals doesn’t look half as good.

They need to take notes from battlefield on how to make your visuals consistent throughout the single player and multiplayer.

Ricegum533d ago

Nope. Visuals look fantastic throughout.

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KyRo533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

Yeah they take a bit of a nose dive when it comes to multiplayer. Every cod of this generation has had the same issue. I guess its to keep gameplay at 60fps.

KyRo533d ago

Captain travel, I would be very cautious of the next COD. It was meant to be Sledgehammer studios turn but they messed it up so bad that Activision made Treyarch make it. Its being made one year less than other COD games.

SkatterBrain533d ago

can anyone confirm that you need to download an update to even get past the menu screen?

RaidenBlack533d ago

Yes BF V does look better overall and more consistent too. Still nevertheless, looks better than previous CoDs.
Can anyone hazard a guess that this looks on par with BF 4?

bouzebbal533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

Only played cod beta once.. This one is interesting indeed I might try it out. Will I be set back on multiplayer since I never played one before??

ramiuk1533d ago

there is too much slow texture loading issues imo and blur at distance but its a leap from last one

Lilrizky532d ago

not entirely true I always found the BF campaigns look significantly better than MP as well

Limitedtimestruggle532d ago

I agree! I was a bit disappointed by the visuals online. The game looks bland. Feels static and stiff. Makes me really appreciate the versatility of DICE's truly superior FROSTBITE engine. That is true craftsmanship and well optimised stuff right there!

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Wasabi533d ago

I've bought it, My first COD game in years.

I feel dirty, but the visuals and attention to detail on the "clean house" and "Wolf's Den" missions looked too good to ignore, plus so far the reviews have been surprisingly positive.

NiQeMM533d ago

Nothing wrong with admitting that.

I personally thought Infinite Warfare campaign looked and played amazing and the reviews agreed.

Smclaren1985532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Same here I played the beta and couldn’t believe how enjoyable it was. This cod really is one of the best in a long long time ground war needs a bit of work though that’s the only thing I would say I don’t particularly i play on the Xbox one x in 4k and graphically it looks incredible and it looks amazing in multiplayer aswell way better than previous games the maps are bigger in this one too. I hated the generic fake look of black ops 4 it was boring as shit too lol normal multiplayer was a joke nice to see them finally listening to fans and making cod good again after years of trash lol

OldGuyStillGaming533d ago

I was blown away on how amazing it looks on the pro.
It really does look impressive.

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Yui_Suzumiya530d ago

Even on the base PS4 it uses HDR10. I've never seen anything that looked this amazing.

Father__Merrin533d ago

First time in 10 years I won't be buying cod day one

elazz533d ago

1. You should have stopped 7 years ago.
2. Those 7 years now lead into a game that for now seems quite good compared to the last 7 years. Highest score since Black Ops (2010)

Ezio2048533d ago

Actually it's rated even more than black ops. It's currently highest rated after mw1,2 and 3.

ShinjukuSon533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

BO1 and MW2 are the GOATs. Black Ops 1 is still higher rated on metacritic and got 88, this got 86. Nonetheless it looks good and is a very good score.

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Freshnikes533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

Really...looks around the room, really, u bought bo3 bo4 infinite warfare..u bought all dat trash day1...

AnubisG533d ago

This is the best CoD since MW3 and you are skipping this but you got Black Ops IIII day one huh?

F0XH0UND922533d ago

It's the exact opposite for me and most people. The last 5 years have been trash and now they finally release a great game and you're not buying? Lol

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Father__Merrin533d ago

ive always got my playtime out of COD games some more than others but millions have enjoyed them, Unfortunately this year ive other things to worry about il possibly pick up up before xmas it looks pretty good. the worst one for me was possibly BO4 sll the others were worth a buy i dunno where you all live but in the uk cod fetches quite a good price either trading to cex or ebaying off after youve played it a while

DarkkMinion532d ago

What a weird creature you are.

Smclaren1985532d ago

I think youv got mixed up there mate lol this should be the first cod youv bought in 7 😂😂😂

Yui_Suzumiya530d ago

I think you got it backwards.. This should be the first COD you're buying day 1 in 10 years, lol

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