Uwe Boll ordered to pay $2.1m for breach of contract

Poor Uwe Boll. Not only do many critics consider him the world's worst director, he now has to pay $2.1m (£1.37m) for breaking his contract with and subsequently badmouthing the distributor which owns the worldwide sales rights to his films.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a Los Angeles judge yesterday confirmed an earlier decision by an arbitrator, ordering the German film-maker to pay the sum to Fantastic Films International. It includes $200,000 in libel damages to the company's owner, Roxane Barbat, after Boll wrote emails to her clients disparaging the distributor.

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ThanatosDMC3988d ago

I hope this guy suffers more. He just needs to live as a hermit or something!

Tarasque3988d ago

They should make him watch everyone of his movies back to back for the rest of his life.

Killjoy30003988d ago

Lol this guy is such a lovable douche bag.

tocrazed4you3988d ago

hahahhahahahahahahahaahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha......... ...

bunbun7773988d ago

with disgusting smegma-crusted old stinky and smelly ...douche bag.

Super Turd.

Th3 Chr0nic3988d ago

oh this is too funny. if you read the article about the boxing match he had with the 4 critics that gave him bad reviews you see this quote from him at the end "They were badmouthing me but they showed balls going into the ring," Boll told 24 hours after his triumph. "Now they are brain dead and they will like my movies."

So He admits that in order to enjoy any of his films you must be brain dead. so now for all of us to enjoy his next film we need to invite him to the opening with a baseball bat so he can wack us good before we watch it.

eXo83988d ago

Maybe just maybe he'll finally quit, I'd rather stab out my eyes than endure another one of his terrible movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.