Games for Lunch Review - Call of Duty: World at War

Kyle Orland writes:

"0:00 I was prepared to like this game after playing a bit of the excellent Call of Duty 4 (different developer, I know). But this post on Joystiq has changed my expectations a bit.

0:01 This minute spent downloading a downloadable update that's available for download. DOWNLOAD!

0:02 After downloading yet another update (that's a first), we're on to the title screen. Through some gray fog, I can see pith helmets sitting on bayonets sticking up out of the ground. The music is Silent Hill-style creepy.

0:03 Graphic content can be set to "reduced" or "unrestricted." This makes sense, but calling it "unrestricted" just makes it sound so ... DECADENT!

0:04 "WARNING -- Call of Duty: World at War contains graphic content and historical footage which some players may find disturbing. Player discretion is advised." Yeah, I got that impression from the Joystiq post...

0:05 The selectable difficulties are Recruit, Regular, Hardened and Veteran. The last of these says point-blank: "You will not survive." Well that doesn't sound like fun! I'm just a Regular guy.

0:06 Quick vignettes of happenings in the war, compete with grainy video, tinny radio and stylized map animations. Emperor Hirohito, 1937, Indochina, U.S. demands withdrawal, Japan loses 90 percent of oil supply, Pearl Harbor attacked. Roosevelt's "Day that will live in infamy," military manufacturing, aviation production, government physicals, and Average Joe becomes a soldier! A map shows the Japanese Makin Atoll. "Little more than sand, trees and a small Japanese military base." A recon team went in a week ago, but has not called in. "For all we know, they might be dead. If what little we know about the Japanese is true, it might be better if they are." Ouch for the WWII-era Japanese!"

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