Ubisoft acknowledge Ghost Recon Breakpoint's sales were abysmal

Ubisoft decreased their revenue projections for 2019/2020, as revealed on the most recent earnings call. One of the reasons for it turned out to be the "very disappointing" sales of Ghost Recon Breakpoint during the first few weeks.

-Foxtrot1430d ago

"First, it is harder to generate interest fora sequel to a Live multiplayer game, when prior iterations benefited from years of optimization. Consequently, we need to make sure there is more time between each iteration of Live game"

Maybe don't do live service games full stop.

Jeez, the rest of the report is depressing, they are so full of shit.

CP_Company1430d ago

they are going down as fast as bethesda did. i loved their games, but now, jeez, just pass.

Rimeskeem1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

I mean the GR franchise has been in decline for some time now. AC and R6 have been doing well tho, For Honor is also doing decently, Ubisoft has been developing a lot of new IPs in the recent years as well so I wouldn't say they are doing as bad as bethesda is.

Gaming1011430d ago

Ubisoft doesn't care about taking responsibility for the low quality of this game. Horrible game design, laughable microtransaction milking, it just shows cluelessness as to what gamers want and where the industry is headed. Forcing people to grind in a full price game like it's a fucking mobile game or else pay them money to not play the game via microtransactions? And they blame it on "There wasn't enough different from previous games, so the unique parts of this game didn't stand out as much" and "It's hard to generate interest on live games" - what a crock of shit. This is executive speak for "I don't want to take responsibility for this being pushed out the door a year before it was ready, with little game design or user testing to make sure it was actually fun and the progression worked"

Well there's no Assassin's Creed game this year, so Ubisoft hasn't completely lost their minds shoving crap out the door before it's ready, they finally learned from AC Unity.

outsider16241430d ago

Damn man. Now i dread for what they're gonna do to Splinter Cell.

jaymacx1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

There is hope for Ubisoft because AC Odyssey was good and so was Origins. However their other titles have become stale and don’t seem interesting at all.

What I believe is happening and isn’t exclusive to Ubisoft is that gamers are becoming fatigued of Western games. Remember at the start of Xbox360/PS3 era Western devs put out the best next gen games and Japan was struggling to keep up. Now the tables have turned and Western (Not 1st party Sony devs or some of the other creative ones) devs are having a hard time because they have become stagnant. Indie games are thriving because of the creativity shown in their releases but big AAA games stay the same are are flat out boring. Ubisoft needs to watch devs like Naughty dog to see how to do story telling and create characters we care about.

Edit...also Success can be Double edge sword if you don’t stay competitive.

SkatterBrain1430d ago

im not buying it cause it requires constant internet connection

rainslacker1430d ago


If you look at the output of regions, Japan devs are still developing more SP games over MP, and the market for SP hasn't shrunk, so with less choice for games, there is more success for those types of games.

Trying to chase after the MP market to have that cash cow game means there is more failure, because the market for MP is limited, and the consumer base isnt always buying new games. They bank on MT to keep engagement because it's cheaper than making a whole new game.

The industry had gone from one extreme to the other, and for publishers that dont diversify their products, they're going to always be playing catch up. If any of the big publishers didnt manage to make at least one cash cow MP game, they'd be struggling right now because they arent making as many SP games to fill in the gaps.

SyntheticForm1429d ago

When you make games for the sole sake of profit they're going to be overly-formulaic, generic, soulless, grindfests/borefests. Games with microtransactions CAN be fun but NOT when they're literally BUILT around them.

I'm really worried for ES6 and Starfield.

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UltraNova1430d ago

Live service games...the biggest joke of modern gaming.

rainslacker1430d ago

You'd think they'd know that an oversaturated market is harder to sell games in. Same thing happened last gen when they were trying to push mp, saying that it was too hard to make money on SP games. They said not as many.people brought SP games, which isnt true. It's that there was so.mich choice for SP games that the customer base was spread out more. On top of that, there were a lot of high quality titles to choose from, so the mid tier titles didnt do as well, which effectively killed the mid tier revenue.

The shift of the major publishers focusing on a few high profile MP games in lieu of high quality SP games have left a void in the market, which is why companies that are still making SP games regularly, like sony, square, capcom, sega, etc, are doing pretty well. Not all are making as much as some of these ultra successful MP games, but there are more MP only failure games this gen than last, because the MP market is not as big as the SP market, and since MP requires engagement, there is a shorter window of time for a game to be successful.

Companies want to put their eggs into one basket, and its going to cause then to have losses. Those losses can still be made up with one successful game, but then it becomes a design principle of throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks

deadfrag1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Keep puting your games exclusive on Epic Store and most people Will take a big dump on your games Ubisoft!Fans order rulez!

Kornholic1430d ago

You are overestimating the impact of a) pc players and b) the whiny crybabies whorefuse to buy games from Epic Store.

eddvdm1429d ago

Calling people who refuse to buy from Epic Games crybabies shows how much you understand the reach of it.

Psychotica1430d ago

If the games were only on PC you might have a point.

TheOptimist1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Dammit.... Used bad pun for Division 2.

Nonetheless, Ubisoft already closed shop on their creative side years ago.

Wasabi1430d ago


I hope this sends a very clear message to Ubisoft and serves as a warning to other developers and publishers.

Gamers are tired of low effort, generic, cookie cutter clones crammed full of microtransactions.

CDbiggen1430d ago

It's already on sale here in the UK.