Google opens its first studio dedicated to making Stadia games

The studio confirms Google's commitment to making original content.

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Jimboms537d ago

Yes! So happy about this

blacktiger536d ago

look you got more dislike for you being happy about this :p

Mozillayaseen536d ago

I guess people don't want him to be happy about it.

indysurfn536d ago

Wait WHAT THEIR FIST STUDIO.....Talk about CLUELESS. Microsoft had Halo DAY one for the first xbox and it catapulted them into a major player. What the heck is google thinking? Talk about not thinking ahead. talk about too late to your own tail gating party. When do you expect to get a AAA first party out? 3 years from now?

536d ago
rainslacker535d ago

They're relying on 2nd party for "in-house" games right now. basically funding 3rd party games to be exclusive to their service. Probably have some other things in the works to have some exclusive content. Or, if they're going after the market they probably are, not worried about it because they're facing off to try and capture the console or PC markets right now. Google is using the console/PC community/market to keep people talking about their products, and get some early adopters, but their end game is the casual customer.

Wether this works out for them or not remains to be seen. Ouya did the same thing. It wasn't an attractive product and served little purpose to anyone with a mobile device, but the marketing plan is the same.

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TK-66535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

ExClUsIvEs aRe ImPoRtAnT AnD gAeMrS AgReE!

Spurg537d ago

What I don't like about this is that if Google decides to bail out of this then they will have to close down the studios leading to redundancies.
Google is not the most reliable of companies.

demonic36536d ago

Take your negativity elsewhere please, nothing to see here.

gamer7804536d ago

its good to look at a situation from both the positive and negative sides though, sure it could be decent streaming quality but his point is you don't own any of these games, and there is no option to play locally, so if you don't care about that then go for it, just don't be upset when it goes the way of google plus after a few years and your games are gone instead of building a library on xbox or playstation while at the same time having the option to play on psnow or xcloud.

UltraNova536d ago

Sub with Stadia, you deserve it.

SlagWolf536d ago

@denonic36 I can’t wait to see the look on your face when Google abandons this in a few years XD

rainslacker535d ago

Come to a forum then say leave if you're going to be negative. N4G discussion threads aren't a marketing resource for nothing but positive discussion. At least it shouldn't be.

-Foxtrot535d ago

So basically he should f*** off because he speaks the truth?

No one likes being negative, trust me...I know BUT it's not like the gaming industry has been full of positivity over the years

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Wasabi536d ago


Of all the issues that could potentially affect Stadia - latency, input lag, video compression, software ownership, the thing that concerns you most is that if Google decides to bail studios may be shut down leading to redundancies?

Your comment is simply a thinly veiled way to inject negativity into the discussion by offering up fake concern.

GreenDragonCVR536d ago

I don't think that's fake concern at all, google is known to abandon things in the past and now it will affect an entire studio of people who will lose their jobs. Stadia is going to be garbage this very well could happen one day.

Wasabi536d ago (Edited 536d ago )


I'd agree it's no secret that Google does have a lot of failed projects;

But as far as closing or selling off studios, SIE has a far more prolific record

Bigbig Studio
Camden Studio
Evolution Studios
Guerrilla Cambridge
Incognito Entertainment
Studio Liverpool
Sony Online Entertainment
Zipper Interactive

So as far as redundancy is concerned, I'd be far more worried for employees in a subsidiary of SIE than I would be as an employee of Google.

GreenDragonCVR536d ago

@ Fragnum

yea you're an idiot, Sony has been involved in the gaming industry for years and years of course there have been studios that have closed over that time period. How come no mention of Microsoft? As if they haven't done the same. Also Sony Online Entertainment still exists it was sold off and renamed.
but hey if you want to suck google off and contribute to the end of game ownership in favor of licensing be my guest.

rainslacker536d ago

Possible they could just sell the studio, or just be a publisher, or have a dev house which will have a 3rd party publisher.

There is money to be made in the gaming market, so no reason for them to abandon gaming altogether should Stadia fail.

But, if they're just now opening studios, then that means a while before any content is delivered from 1st party. Unless its some low-mid tier range game, possibly episodic. Still...probably a 2 year minimum.

Have a feeling they'll be buying a lot of content the first 2-3 years, as the competition has a pretty healthy catalog of games to go up against Google.

Hate to say it, but Google seems to be rushing into the market. They got the infrastructure, and apparently the servers, but they don't even have the full Stadia API available to devs yet, and their SDK is a joke. I think they're afraid with MS now entering the market, who is really just using the Xbox/DirectX API's to fuel xCloud, and Sony, using PS API's, so both allow for easy ports because no porting is really necessary, that they were worried that they'd be too far behind to compete if they didn't lock in a modest user base early.

Epic games did the same thing when they opened up their Fortnite store to be the Epic store, and it lacked features, and they are spending a lot of money to get people to join. As it stands now, Stadia won't even launch with most of the promised features, it's questionable about what exclusive content they'll have, and they don't even that the reach that PSNow or xCloud have because it requires actual hardware from Google to access.

porkChop536d ago

"they will have to close down the studios leading to redundancies."

Likely, but not necessarily. Google sees the financial opportunity that the game industry poses. If Stadia fails Google could potentially pivot towards being a console game publisher.

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SephirothX21536d ago

It's amazing how so many people are against stadia. Game streaming is the future. I'm a softy developer working in the industry and I can tell you that for certain. I can also tell you that stadia is going to cause a few surprises next month 🙂

Wasabi536d ago (Edited 536d ago )


I don't get it either,

I understand that it's a bold step and outside people's comfort zones, but the same people I see trying to downplay Stadia one day are singing the praises of PS Now streaming the next.

If it doesn't interest you then fine, but don't tell me how I should or shouldn't play my games - it's my money, my time, my choice.

10.78 TFLOPS and a capable CPU is exciting. I've pre ordered the Founders Edition and if it doesn't work out it's not the end of the world, I still have my X, Pro, Switch and PC, it's not like they're going anywhere anytime soon.

Baza536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

Cloud gaming may or may not be the future. Time will tell. All I know is infrastructure is critical for Stadia’s success and it’s not where it needs to be right now. There’s going to be some serious growing pains and adversity for Stadia. Also 1st party exclusives are key. Google has showed nothing to look forward to. And this 1st party studio they have started won’t have a game ready for at least two years. Next gen Xbox and PS will be here in a year and they will dominate grabbing everyone’s attention.

Wasabi536d ago


Thanks for your input Baza.

I agree with you, we'll have to wait to see how Stadia and Cloud gaming in general is going to play out.

Christopher536d ago

Game streaming is not the future, it's just an option that is part of the future. Saying it's the future is the same as saying VR is the future.

I am also a software developer and I can tell you that for certain.

Wasabi536d ago (Edited 536d ago )


What's your take on Stadia Chris?

Christopher536d ago

It will be a slow start and it likely won't set what we consider "hardcore gamers" on fire. I think it's aimed more at the casual market who don't want to invest in consoles to play the occasional game, which aren't big money spenders in the market as it is outside of mobile. I think having to buy digital games rather than having a service like PSNow or Game Pass will hurt it from people looking for the Netflix option.

As far as quality, I think it will be similar to PS Now as far as performance (lag spikes and latency spikes) and will be lower in quality to just playing it on a console or PC unless you live in the right area near the right data centers/hubs. I think a lot of people with 100 up/down internet don't realize that a lot of areas have limited upload speeds that max out at 5 or 10Mbps (moved from Maryland where it was 400 up/down, now in Houston where it's 250 down, 5 up) and that's going to affect gameplay (even in a game like inFamous on PSNow, I had a lot of issues with aiming and latency because of that limitation here). Popped my disc of the game n my PS3, it was almost night and day difference for me.

I'm hoping it will at least kick these companies to push ISPs to improve infrastructure to support additional revenue tied to their services seeing as those ISPs rely on Microsoft and Google so much.

Wasabi536d ago


You make some interesting points Chris.

I'd argue that Google's infrastructure is a step above that of Gaikai, and having used both PS Now and Beta tested Project Stream I'd say that the later is the superior streaming platform.

Having said this, I agree that Stadia is not the future of gaming in and of its own, It's just another way for gamers to play games when a traditional console doesn't suit their usage requirement.

Christopher536d ago

***I'd argue that Google's infrastructure is a step above that of Gaikai***

People confuse overall infrastructure with game streaming infrastructure. It's going to be solid in high population areas along the West cost and Northeast Coast. But I highly doubt they will invest much like others elsewhere. They're going to go for the high population areas, put way less in others.

It's a waste of money for them to build it up in other areas as much. That's just how business works. Streaming isn't for the majority of 'land area' in the U.S., including some very large cities.


Add onto this that most southern regions and southeast coast have capped Internet services for the majority of people (I pay $50/month more just to get rid of my cap, most don't do that).

Wasabi536d ago


"People confuse overall infrastructure with game streaming infrastructure"

You're right, I should have said Gaikai tech Vs Stadia tech. I was specifically thinking about the more modern video compression Google is utilising and the bespoke tech implemented to reduce latency.

Examples I can think of include the controller connecting directly to the router (reducing hops required to the WWW) and Google's algorithms that predict player actions based on previous inputs.

Only time will tell whether this is just snake oil, but speaking from my experience with Project Stream, I think the results may surprise a lot of people.

I'm interested to see how it goes, TBH what excites me is less to do with the streaming aspect and more to do with the capability of the hardware in Google's rackmounts.

NXFather535d ago

You may be absolutely correct but, you really don't know what will dominate in the future especially the long term future. That is even as a software developer.

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rainslacker536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

It's not just stadia that people are against. PSNow has received plenty of hate, and so has xCloud. PSnow and xCloud really get relief from the negativity due to the fact that they are attached to the console war. As of now, Google doesn't have that contingent of fans to talk up their services like you see with the other platforms.

So, that begs the question, if a good chunk of the gaming community is against Stadia, and the other services aren't that appealing to them, maybe there is something about the services which makes it something people don't how can one claim it's the future. Moreover, why are there so many people who feel that the future has to happen, and that the future means leaving the past behind? What's so wrong with the present that it needs to die?

PSNow started aimed at the non-console market. It shifted back to that after failures in other devices, and you know what...there were people claiming it was the future when PSNow launched. The last official report had PSNow with 700K active users. Consoles have close to 200 million users between all the various platforms, and PC gaming makes that number look small. Are you saying half a billion players are all going to shift to Stadia in the near or far future? I think this future everyone is clamoring about is about as valid as Mobile gaming being the future of gaming. It's there. It's an option. It isn't killing anything, as the traditional market keeps growing every year.

It's completely idiotic to say that some untested market, which so far with current availability has failed to capture much of anything is somehow the future so other markets are in trouble, when those other markets are seeing a rise in users every year. The logic just doesn't add up, and sounds more like people misappropriating what these services are supposed to be.

Hope that helps you guys get it a bit better.

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gamer7804536d ago

I wish you could comment on articles years after they are posted. Stadia is being set on a shaky foundation thats based on streaming only. I'd be much more likely to purchase a ps4 and and xbox for local games, then subscribe to psnow or xcloud to play those games on the go. Then if the service closes, I still have my games.

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