0.5% Of LBP Levels Modded

According to Sam over at the LittleBigPlanet Workshop, less than 200 levels have been moderated, making up less than 0.5% of all the levels published. He tells us that the majority of these were because they contained obscenities, fair enough, and the rest for copyright reasons. He says, by way of an example: "Oasis is the name both of a band and of a soft drink (at least in Europe), however any level using the title 'Oasis' would be absolutely fine right now unless it included music by Oasis the band, or the likeness of the drinks bottle."

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ultimolu4764d ago

I'm pretty sure this was completely blown out of proportion as well.

SL1M DADDY4764d ago

Of course it was blown out of proportion. It's a great game and each of the levels created and taken down were taken down with legit reasons. It's always the minority of users that make the most noise and thankfully more folks out there know that the minority of complainers are just simple idiots that were upset they got caught going against the user agreement for the game. I for one do not infringe on copyrighted materials or add penises to my levels and it turns out, my levels do not get pulled... Imagine that!

earwax4764d ago

Does it matter if 0.5% Of LBP Levels Modded?

ultimolu4764d ago

"If Sony releases a game and NOBODY buys it............"


Stop attacking the damn game already. Enough is a enough.


SL1M DADDY4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

%.5 of 40,000 is 200...

That would be 40,000 user created levels and only 200 were taken down.

That's 40,000 in under a couple weeks. I would say that's pretty good.

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LiquifiedArt4764d ago

Obviously it was xbot's blowing them way out of proportion. When i Browsed User levels i came across 15+ pages (I didnt get to the last page) of content. That is tremendous. Infact you really gotta depend on word of mouth to even get your played lol.

PirateThom4764d ago

Play my levels and Heart them... :P

thor4764d ago

Read this and be enlightened about copyright...

LBP levels CAN infringe on copyright but it's unlikely due to several factors (non-commercial use, limited impact on the brand, doesn't draw much from the actual product).

Sheddi4763d ago

who the hell disagreed :S
i mean, thats facts!

ActionBastard4764d ago

A collective jumping of the gun by gaming media. Glad I didn't care.

thor4764d ago

Another reminder to people is that IDEAS are exempt from copyright - for instance if a particular platformer has a particularly cool idea, you can copy that in LBP as long as you don't use their characters and the exact likeness of the level.

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The story is too old to be commented.