MediEvil PS4 review – knight of the living dead | Metro

A remake that is loyal to a fault when it comes to honouring the original, with gameplay and design mechanics that were barely acceptable 21 years ago, let alone now.

Kribwalker1439d ago

Ouch. Games been getting some rough reviews. Could still be fun though


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shinoff2183468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Not to bad.

whitbyfox468d ago

Gravity Rush 1 and 2 are amazing can you believe the guy who created Silent Hill created these.

PixelOmen467d ago

Gravity Rush 2 is probably the most underrated game on PS4.

DarXyde467d ago

Agreed. And it was definitely top 5 on the platform for me. Genuinely loved how charming the series is/was.I loved it so much that I Platinumed it twice (Gravity Rush 2 and its Japanese variant, Gravity Daze 2).
Such a lovely series. I say this once every 3 or so months, but Sony committed the gravest sin in my eyes by dismantling my favorite Sony studio, Japan Studio and I really had a hard time forgiving that.

467d ago
BlaqMagiq1467d ago

Absolute classics, both Gravity Rush 1 & 2.


Bits & Pieces - MediEvil (2019) – Review – A true remake

A PlayStation classic returns

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