Comparing Ties

Screen Play: "Most people judge the success of a console simply by counting how many units the manufacturer has sold.

But another equally important statistic, particularly for some console vendors who subsidise the price of their hardware, is the "tie ratio" - the number of games sold on each platform.

What is fascinating about the current market is that the rampant console sales leader - Nintendo's Wii - actually has the weakest tie ratio in Australia.

According to GfK figures, every Australian Wii owner has bought an average of 4.3 games for their console. It is significantly lower than both the PlayStation 3 at a surprising 6.2 and the Xbox 360 at 7.9 (which has the advantage of being on the market for nine months more than Wii, and 12 months more than PlayStation 3).

Another surprise is that the hugely successful Nintendo DS has also got a relatively small tie ratio of 4.5, lower than Sony's PSP at 5.3, which is often derided for a weak software library.

The king of the hill in terms of tie ratios is Sony's evergreen PS2, which this year has finally slowed down in terms of hardware sales, but still enjoys a tie-ratio of 11.8 games sold for every console purchased in Australia. For comparison, Microsoft's original Xbox had a healthy tie ratio of 8.7 by the end of its lifespan."

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