White Knight Chronicles - New Gameplay Trailer

Level 5 published another new White Knight Chronicles trailer, this time showing off some gameplay. Enjoy.

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Kush_Reaper3679d ago

I really like the art direction and the gameplay mechanics. Everything about white night just screams EPIC!


f4t41_ph4nt0m3679d ago

Would be an official US release date :)

jkhan3679d ago

I think the game will/should come out till March-April 2009.

SixTwoTwo3679d ago

I'll be a bit more reserved here and say Summer 09 for the US of A. Damn I wish the video would load faster :?

barom3679d ago

I love the music!!! Probably the only guy that do but I love it!

sonarus3679d ago

nah you aren't the only one...from this gameplay vid, imo the graphics don't look that bad...they aren't as nice as FFXIII or star ocean but they certainly hold up to the other JRPG's

Plus isn't the game supposed to run at 1080p?

kevnb3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

they are really clean and crisp, I'm guessing they must be using a good level of AA. AA is missing from a lot of current gen games, no aa really hurts the way a game looks imo. To me Resistance 2 looks awesome since it uses QAA, try turning QAA on in Crysis and see how it runs...

Mozilla893679d ago

It doesn't look like the video is in HD anyways.

Fox013679d ago

I love the music, but that's about it. I don't like the art style and the graphics are just average. I'm sure the gameplay will be good though (it's level 5 after all; just like Blizzard or Valve, you know they always deliver). I just hope the story wont the same "whinny teenager has to save the world with his friends" crap. Oh, and it has multiplayer, so wait and see.

INehalemEXI3679d ago

Day 1 purchase. It wreaks of replay value and many hours of good times.

Danja3679d ago

The graphics doesn't look bad at all..I dont think this video was in HD either as someone stated.

MP should be fun in this game....damn just give a release date for this game...

Kush_Reaper3679d ago

Nar bro you are not the only one. I also think the music is awesome. It adds that cinematic feel to the game.

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robotnik3679d ago

This game reminds me of FFXI.

MURKERR3679d ago


i like rpg's but maybe jrpg's aint for me after watching that video

Figboy3679d ago

base your opinion of a HUGE, 100 hour RPG (NOT including MP quests), on a 5 minute video.

they didn't even show the White Knight in that video!

it was clearly highlighting some brief character customization and party forming in this trailer.

there are other videos out there that really show off the more action/oriented elements of the game.

Level 5 has yet to make a game that isn't awesome, so i don't expect White Knight to be anything less than a good game.

shawnsl653679d ago

either my computer is outdated, the upload wasn't clear, or the graphic looks like FF12. Story line from other sites seem to make the game worth the buy, but we'll see.

Raoh3679d ago

as far as localization goes, i guess we have to consider sony's urgency to do this. in the past, it hasnt been that good for turnaround time.

i believe disgaea 3 was out in jan/feb 2008 in japan the U.S. didnt get it until end of august.

valkyria chronicles was out in japan in the spring, we just got it in the U.S.

vizigoth3679d ago

I'm just going to throw this out there. But it does look kind of like a less populated version of FFXI. One because of game play and two it looks as though it could be multiplayer. That would be awesome but doubt it. Can't wait either way.

rhood0223679d ago

It is the multiplayer.

Level 5 has already stated that the multiplayer will be MMORPG-like.

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