The 10 Most Underrated Games Of This Gen

This generation has been absolutely amazing. But today CoG will look at the 10 most underrated games of this gen.

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UltraNova1431d ago

The order was definitely unfairly treated by the "press". As for the rest of the list I remember most of them being reviewed quite accurately retrospectively speaking.

VTKC1431d ago

I like The Order. It was too short but i enjoyed it. There was some loose ends in the story I think. It was awhile ago when I played it. I suspect something went wrong with the budget perhaps?

I hated Deus EX though. god all mighty I was playing it and playing it and was just thinking "its just the beginning, you will like it once you get into it...." I gave up as I was about 3 hours in. Just not my cut of tea I guess. (I not saying the game is trash. So calm the cluck down fanboys before you lot start weighing in.)

UltraNova1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Yes The order was very short, it should have been twice as long. Lets hope Sony gives this IP a second chance.

DE: Mankind Devided was boring I agree but mechanically sound at least.

patrickman1431d ago

Hopefully, a sequel will come to PS5.

S2Killinit1431d ago

It was longer than the original gears of war I believe.

conanlifts1431d ago

"It was longer than the original gears of war I believe."
The average completion time of gears of war was 9 hours vs 7 for the order. This is according to how long to beat. The other difference is that gears of war has other things to do such as online multiplayer. The order has nothing else to do.

Having said that I would like a bigger sequel as I enjoyed the game.

Fist4achin1431d ago

I think they were purposely setting up a sequel for The Order. I thought the game was fantastic.

Xaywhat1430d ago

The graphics in The Order is still some of the best I’ve seen. I got it for 8$ and recall just thinking to myself “WOW”. The gameplay wasn’t bad but it was short. I really do hope that studio gets to expand on their ideas.

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Gazondaily1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

The Order was a thoroughly shit game with good visuals and audio.

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IamTylerDurden11430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

The Order was a short game, but not a bad game.

Unfortunately the media woefully misrepresented it as a Gears clone, when in fact, it was closer to a cinematic adventure.

The nonsensical Gears comparison, the length to price controversy, and the overblown QTE criticism ultimately sealed The Order's fate and sunk the review scores.

If people went in blind, with no preconceptions and no knowledge of price, the reception would've been dramatically different.

Wipe away all the bullshit surrounding the game and it's a high brow, high quality production that entertains.

Who cares if it's fairly cinematic, or if it has QTEs? It's not Gears of War, not a Tell Tale game, it's The Order 1886 and it isn't confined to any specific archetype.

The visuals set a new benchmark back in 2015.

The voice acting was superb and the sound design was excellent.

The story was very good and characters like Galahad and Tesla were excellent.

The combat was solid for a game of its ilk. The coverbased shooting worked as advertised, and I enjoyed moments where cinematics and gameplay were entwined. Such as the White Chapel encounter.

Weapons were creative and fun, sometimes featuring an exciting secondary fire. There should've been more weapons, but the weapons on display were truly awesome. The arch cannon, the air blast rifle, and the thermite minigun stand out.

Edgelordsupreme1430d ago


In what world is The Order high brow? The enemies were clones of each other, the stealth sections are so simple someone blind, deaf and dumb could finish them, the boss encounters all worked the same and were incredibly anti climactic.

Oh Lord Hastings is a vampire!? Wow, I'm shocked that wasn't obvious from the first time he was on screen. If this is what constitutes high brow in the video game story space, then we deserve all the ridicule we get.

SolidGamerX1430d ago

The Order was a good game with incredible visuals and great audio.

IamTylerDurden11430d ago


The acting, the world, the lore, the setting, the score/audio, the art, and presentation are what made it high brow. When I said high brow I wasn't referring to the gameplay. If I was trying to pump the gameplay I'd say "high quality" as it is a more apt term, but I wasn't.

The Order was a classy, tasteful production, hence why I called it high brow. Do u understand?

The Order was never meant to be Gears of War, it is its own entity, and it's allowed to have whatever style of gameplay it wants.

Did u kill Life is Strange or Heavy Rain for having QTEs and limited gameplay? The Order isn't exactly like those games, but it shares cinematic similarities. It had more gameplay than those games and less gameplay than Gears, but a stronger narrative than Gears.

IDGAF what u think, but the White Chapel encounter/boss fight/experience was phenomenal. U break it down to a QTE, but the entire experience was a gorgeous blend of cinematics, gameplay, and quick-time. Call it what u want, the result was incredible. I do agree that the final boss was an anticlimactic fight with repeated mechanics.

The Order didn't master or revolutionize gameplay, but the combat was adequate, and the overall production was a sweet mix of cinematics, combat, and quick time blended together with intriguing lore, a fabulous setting, and a wonderfully acted narrative. I loved it.

TK-661430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )


"The acting, the world, the lore, the setting, the score/audio, the art, and presentation are what made it high brow."

How much longer are people going to spout this bullshit narrative? The story and lore is incredibly shallow, some of the worst level/enemy design this generation from a major publisher, and incredibly bland gameplay. Tell me hows the Lycans and Vampires are unique or worth any attention in The Order 1886. Even the politics of the game was boring as fuck, and made little use of historical/mythical figures in the narrative.

The game was judged fairly. It has good actors reading a bland and uninspiring script, and shallow gameplay masked by good animations and graphics. This game can only be praised in the manner you're doing if you've never played a TPS or read a half-decent book. If you find quick-time events to be an experience that is "phenomenal", then I question how similar can't be achieved by a cutscene; at this point you've backed yourself into a corner as you have to admit cutscenes can accomplish similar to quick-time events now.

"The Order was a classy, tasteful production, hence why I called it high brow. Do u understand?"

You sound like an American who places some sort of authority in an English accent. How about you defend your claims about the script and world building?

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darthv721431d ago

I've played the order, quantum break, mad max and my daughter really likes little nightmares. All of which have their flaws but otherwise very enjoyable games that get a lot of flak.

I'd add in recore as an honorable mention as that one is also an enjoyable game with some flaws. But then again... no game is truly "perfect" (some are better than others though)

Tear1111430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Ryse + DaysGone those two games were underrated
They have one of the best visual, graphics, story telling and great gameplay despite some issues that can be fixed

giovonni1430d ago

Yeah man, Ryse wasn’t as bad as reviewers were making it out to be I even tried it with Kinect, and was surprised how well it worked. Also Quantum break was another good title. The mechanics weren’t my favorite, but the story, and over all experience was great.

EmperorDalek1430d ago

The Order was trash, it got scored too high if anything.

Orionsangel1430d ago

I loved it while it lasted. It played like RE4 but better controls. It was far too short though and plotholes were left unresolved. The game just abruptly ends as if they ran out of money. Similar to what happened with Bakshi's LOTR animated film.

1430d ago
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robtion1431d ago

Great list of games. A lot of my favourites from this gen.

Alien Isolation, Mad Max, Dishonored 2, The Order, The evil within 1 and 2 are all awesome. Little nightmares was also great (the ending).

I would add Sunset Overdrive.

UltraNova1431d ago

Sunset had potential but wasn't embraced by gamers, unfortunately.

Fist4achin1431d ago

It wasn't released onto other consoles and didn't have a shot.

UltraNova1431d ago

Are you one of those people who still believe exclusives dont sell?

Unspoken1431d ago

LoL embraced by gamers? Or shunned by Sony fans? Lol

Christopher1430d ago

I feel SSO was kind of Insomniac's version of Bulletstorm. Not much substance, just entertaining gameplay that felt like it sat around longer than needed and greatly needed more to hold the attention of most gamers.

UltraNova1430d ago


Welp welp, cry me a river.

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Yui_Suzumiya1430d ago

Dishonored and Evil Within! ❤

theshredded1431d ago

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is such a brilliant game that is under appreciated.

sander97021431d ago

No it was a huge disappointment and wasn't even close to as good as the old ones. I'm pretty sure even Totalbiscuit was disappointed by it before he died and he was a huge Deus Ex fan.