Halley Gross: Naughty Dog Are Wizards; We're Trying to Create the Most Complex Character in Gaming

Co-writer and narrative lead Halley Gross had high praise for her Naughty Dog colleagues. She also said they're trying to create the most complex, nuanced character in a videogame yet with Ellie in The Last of Us Part II.

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chrisx455d ago

Everything points to another masterpiece that will set some gaming standards as usual from ND. can't wait

UltraNova454d ago

Shh, be careful with the excessive praise on a single player game, times have changed!

454d ago
SkatterBrain454d ago

So A Young Girl whos Mother Survived a Mushroom Apocalypse, and Is The Cure and likes Girls oh and can hunt n kill

Ceaser9857361454d ago

Oh the amount of dislikes. Some section wants the game to fail but damn ! The disappointment they will go tthrough but that's usual for them lol!

Cant wait for this game. I know alot of xbox people who bought PS4 because of games like these. Respect and appreciate those who support good games.. like i personally love GEARS and will always support it. Also waiting for Initiative to announce their new game.
So SALTY people can dislike and be disappointed and Real people will enjoy the masterpiece regardless which ever platform it is.

Ceaser9857361454d ago


"Shh, be careful with the excessive praise on a single player game, times have changed!"

GOOD MORNING Sir. You have been living under the rock and failed to notice that SP games are doing good business. So i ask you to be more informative next time when you wake up...

Jackhass455d ago

Nobody does creates characters like Naughty Dog -- great writing, great tech.

IamTylerDurden1455d ago

Looking like another Game of Gen.

GaboonViper454d ago

Loving all these mysterious downvotes from you know who.

BadElf454d ago

Im Worried the writing will be iffy....gotta wait and see!

ArchangelMike455d ago

It's going to be a monster, and I can't wait.

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ReadyPlayer22455d ago

Well so far the indiction is that it's gonna be another hit for Naughty Dog.

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The story is too old to be commented.