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With The Outer Worlds, Obsidian has found its own path in the space between Bethesda and BioWare's RPGs, and it’s a great one.

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OldGuyStillGaming825d ago

Just a couple more days
Can’t wait

pwnmaster3000825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

Great now I have to pick this or COD... I was pretty sure I was gonna skip this but I guess not lol

Anyone know when COD review comes out.
I might have to just take this L and buy both.
And then death stranding next month. Good time for games.

Obsedian might be the only reason I get an Xbox next gen. I love their games

OldGuyStillGaming825d ago

I bought both but I’ll dive into this first

ocelot07825d ago

Rent this on gamepass and buy cod?? That's my plan anyhow.

Obscure_Observer825d ago


"Obsedian might be the only reason I get an Xbox next gen. I love their games"

You´re in for a treat! ;)

Phil Spencer made a great decision on acquiring Obsidian! They´re awesome and experienced RPG creators/developers!

It´s fantastic that Microsoft is supporting RPG genre with 3 out of their 15 studios creating first party RPG games!

kevinsheeks825d ago

Omg I'm not a cod fanboy but I played the beta . . .if that ish wasn't legit . .if we can apply pressure and get them to back off lootboxes or whatever plans they have this would legit be one of the best shooters I've played.

Profchaos825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

Why not both plus their games will now be on PC to as ms is aiming for parity. Or you know xcloud.

Also no reason their future games won't be on Sony or Nintendo as ms is developing not publishing

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Obscure_Observer825d ago

This is gonna be awesome! Can´t wait!

825d ago
skiggy34824d ago

Me too!

@Profchaosb MS have already made it abundantly clear that future Obsidian games will NOT be on Sony nor Nintendo consoles. He also confirmed this for all 1st party studios.

Spurg825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

The score I expected but it's just a score.
We also need to take into consideration that the team that build this game is small and not the full potential of Obsidian. This is more of an indie tier game not something that will blast fallout out the waters. The next game will no doubt be a greater deal.

spartan112g825d ago

You’re acting like an 8.5 is a bad score.

Spurg825d ago

Didn't say it was...I said it was expected.

Kribwalker825d ago

It’s sitting at a 86 on opencritic. That’s a great score for this game. I can’t wait to see what they do with the sequel with MS full financial backing.

2 more days and i’m hopping on it on Gamepass 😎

thatguyhayat825d ago

But didnt 2k fund this game? Or is it fully obsidians?

rainslacker825d ago

2k was publishing it, and think they are still publishing some versions. MS probably paid to publish the x1 version. Publishing a game doesnt mean the publisher fully funded it though. Just that theyll probably fund some of it, pay for marketing, and distribute the game for a set amount of the revenues.

xRacer74x825d ago

Excited for their new games after this on XBox eco system only

Christopher825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

@thatguyhayat: Obsidian owns the IP, 2k the publishing rights (they purposefully bought them for this specific game). So, any sequels are outside of 2k publishing rights. I also assume the publishing deal is a 5-year item and not permanent.

@xRacer74x: Totally excited for games based on the ecosystem? Interesting take.

Obscure_Observer825d ago


"2k was publishing it, and think they are still publishing some versions. MS probably paid to publish the x1 version."

There wasn´t a Switch version before Microsoft´s acquisition.

825d ago
rainslacker825d ago (Edited 825d ago )


I just said other platforms.

But I was wrong, MS apparently isn't publishing any of the versions, and it's still being published by private division, which is a subsidiary of 2K. I thought MS took over the publishing of the Xbox One version.

Not sure who covered the production overall, but there are several models in development to fund such things. I'd wager most of that publication money would have been supplied before MS brought the studio, so the investors would either have to be brought out or MS just lets them continue to work under the current producer.

I wouldn't doubt that MS put some money in, but chances are, that 2K or an outside producer still funded the switch version. As it is, 2K still has control over the production of the game, because when MS brought them, it doesn't remove those contractual obligations.

Not trying to bring MS down with any of what I said, I was just mistaken about who had publication rights, and speculated on a couple ways the game may have been funded....something else I have no data on.

franwex825d ago

I think Microsoft simply saw the potential in a new franchise like this, and decided to invest in it (by buying the whole studio).
What they chose to do with it in the future, well who knows. As of now we have a great RPG across most platforms.

badz149824d ago


if Gears 5 is any indication, "XBOX ecosystem only" is gone - at least for now. it's more a non-Sony and Nintendo ecosystem now

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StarLink825d ago

Indie tier? Not even close.

Ausbo825d ago

It’s a AAA game. It’s just not Witcher 3 or Assasins creed size. They say 30-40 hours.

rainslacker825d ago

What's wrong with an 8.5?

Obsidian usually makes good games which rate in the 7-9 range, so not surprised by this score.

Spurg825d ago

There is nothing wrong with it, I said it was expected.

skiggy34824d ago

What is wrong with an 8.5?

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BoneMagnus825d ago

The review says that there is a strong Firefly influence - that has me sold.

timotim825d ago

Nice! Im there #DayOne with XGP!

Livingthedream825d ago

What's with the disagrees when people bring up game pass?! It costing $1 to play if you took advantage of the offer, doesn't get better than that especially for single player games.

KeenBean345825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

First time on N4G? Xbox/Nintendo = bad PlayStation = good on this website

RacerX824d ago

"He bought it on Xbox!? Let me explain why you're not having fun..."

timotim825d ago

Its a long story haha, but like Keen know this site 🙄 Lets just say, the majority here never stays on topic...even if you do.

ChristopherJack824d ago

Gamepass is on PC too, that's how I'm accessing the game, $2 for 2 months including access to this? It's a bloody bargain even if you don't own an Xbox like me.

ReadyPlayer22825d ago

Congrats to Obsidian, this game is getting great scores across the board. This was made with their smaller second team and a limited budget. Since Microsoft wants to turn this into an enduring exclusive franchise, I imagine the Fallout creators are going to get an insane budget for the sequel on Scarlett.

gangsta_red825d ago

As much as I like the sound of that I would rather Obsidian get a huge budget to do another Pillars of Eternity.

That game deserves the first party treatment and not the Kickstarter budget it got.

IamTylerDurden1825d ago

PoE is good, but it doesn't warrant a AAA budget. It's a top down rpg.

gangsta_red825d ago

I don't know why a top down RPG game wouldn't deserve a AAA budget.

Divinity 2 was triple A and I'm sure the new Baldurs Gate Larian Studios is making will also be on a triple A budget.

Christopher825d ago

PoE 2 had massive voice acting credit backing and those type of games don't rely on AAA budgets. I think if we see a new one it won't be "AAA" quality beyond the 2nd one. I'm perfectly fine with that. I'd rather AAA budgets be reserved for those games that truly need it, like the Outer Worlds series. PoE 3 should be made, but I'm not sure it needs more money so much as just having a stable amount to work with rather than a kickstarted and investor amount that forces budget scrounging.

Christopher825d ago

Didn't see this earlier, but...

***Divinity 2 was triple A and I'm sure the new Baldurs Gate Larian Studios is making will also be on a triple A budget.***

Both are AA.

Zeref824d ago

Rumors say that their next game is gonna be a First Person RPG game set in the Pillars of Eternity universe.

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