VGM: Fallout 3 Review


"The main attraction of Fallout 3 is its single player campaign, and once it's over, it's over, meaning that a character can't continue after finishing the main quest. Of course, it's easy to load a saved game and keep going, and the replay value is certainly there, mainly for those looking for things that they missed the first time through rather than those wanting to experience them again. Even though the main quest can be finished in 10-15 hours, there's several times that amount's worth of content elsewhere, and that's where the real value lies. There is no multiplayer to be found here, and while the addition of Windows Live access so that PC users can track achievements like Xbox 360 players do is nice, it creates some technical problems of its own. Many players may simply avoid it altogether. The real (and perhaps only) benefit of Live access is the prospect of some minor patches as well as downloadable content for Xbox 360 and PC owners - something that PS3 owners likely won't receive.

Bethesda Softworks certainly had a tall order to fill with Fallout 3. Luckily for gamers, they were more than up to the challenge. The end result is a well-rounded title that finds a good middle ground between traditional role-playing and the modern action formula. Quite simply, anyone who is the least bit interested in the idea of an "intelligent" shooter or an action/RPG hybrid owes it to themselves to try this game."

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