Square-Go: Mount&Blade review


"Whilst combat is very well polished, the visuals are not, new graphical technologies like reflective surfaces and ragdoll physics look oddly out of place in a game where character models are blockier than your gran's TV. Sieges too are under-developed; the only siege machine that functions is a tower which is moved by running into it repeatedly. Whilst you have some control of your party through commands like 'Advance, Hold Ground and Mount/Dismount' the majority of the time the best laid plans dissolve into a melee ruckus as soon as combat sets in fully. Perhaps this represents the chaos of war but I'm wary of trying to explain bad AI away as an attempt to capture realism.

If the price were a little lower than this would be a must for pen and paper RPG and MMORPG fans, the modding scene adds value but illustrates that in many ways this is a toolset not a conventional game. Still there really is nothing like this out there and there are precious few games that can say that."

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