Top 100 Video Games of All Time

IGN Top 100 Games Of All Time (2019 update)

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bluefox75530d ago ShowReplies(7)
Exvalos30d ago

You really placing fortnight as a better game then Final Fantasy 7? Second I seen that I stopped reading as the list is tainted

CannOfPoo30d ago

Thanks for saving me a click...useless IGN

mikeslemonade30d ago

Every souls/borne game should be in the top 50.

KeenBean34530d ago

Thanks for the heads up, garbage list

nommers30d ago

They’ve always BS’d FF7. They did it most recently with E3 without even giving the game a nod in nominations anywhere despite the game being insanely obvious as a worthy nominee in several categories.

Fraggle198730d ago

When i seen where ff7 was i immediately stopped looking. That invalidates the list straight away. A joke.

leoms30d ago

I lol at fortnight being on that list at all.

rainslacker30d ago

They like to boost up whatever is popular at the time. Kind of dumb for a list that is supposed to be best of all time

30d ago
G1L30d ago

Thanks for saving me a click

Lilrizky30d ago

it all depends how they define "top" right? I ofc love ff7 and couldnt give a shit about fortnite but the impact that game has had in the short time it's been out is worth mentioning I think

AlexMuncatchy30d ago

sure. That'd be good for a "top video games in recent memory" list. Not an "all-time" list.

trekka1330d ago

Ya this is the all meta 100.

Orionsangel30d ago

I hate these modern gaming list of the top 100 games because they end up adding the current flavor of the moment. For me a game has to age like a fine wine and then you evaluate the game and see what made it good or bad and if it still holds up. This isn't a popularity contest.

30d ago
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zodiac90930d ago ShowReplies(2)
King_Noctis30d ago ShowReplies(6)
zodiac90930d ago ShowReplies(2)
solideagle30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

No Horizon Zero dawn, for god's sake that game is one of the best this generation/all time.
wait a minute, are they missing Sonic from top 10?

Profchaos30d ago

Hzd was good gameplay wise and in its world but it had some of the worst Mo cap acting and pointless dialog options in its cutscenes that completely killed and chance of me liking any characters.

Characters stand like status and deliver their lines and barely show emotion take any other open world game when a Cutscene plays you'll have characters moving picking things up claiming limbs laughing walking and talking pretty much anything besides standing still

30d ago
badz14930d ago


"...but it had some of the worst Mo cap acting and pointless dialog options in its cutscenes that completely killed and chance of me liking any characters."

yet the #1 game has nothing but nostalgia. F this stupid list list!

30d ago
Knushwood Butt30d ago

I got SMW at launch for SNES and played it to bits. Great game. Do I want to play it again now? No.

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Exvalos30d ago

Also this list goes against it's own rules they specifically said they didn't want to overrun the list with Zelda and Mario, yet the top 10 is basically all Zelda and Mario.

harv05230d ago

They're literally saying if we wanted to, we could've put all Zeldas and Marios on this list, but chose not to....I mean they're great games in their own merit, but come on! So many games have come out since then that were way better in every way! This list is pure nostalgia, PERIOD!

30d ago