There’s nothing the $70 Switch Pro Controller can do that can’t be done by this $26 alternative

You can cough up $70 a piece for Nintendo’s official Pro controllers, or you can pick up some DinoFire Wireless Pro Controllers for Nintendo Switch while they’re on sale on Amazon at a big discount!

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CyberSentinel335d ago

※ ※NOTICE – The switch game controller DOESN’T support Amiibo function, and doesn’t turn the Switch on from sleep mode. ESYWEN provides 3-Year warranty and life-time technical support; Any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us


King_Noctis334d ago (Edited 334d ago ) does that translate to better controller except for the price?

Oh I see. Advertisement.

334d ago
Knightofelemia335d ago

I'll just stick with first party controllers most third party have a crappy build quality and half the time they don't work or there is input lag. I would rather talk to Nintendo who actually do something then fight with a company who will probably make you play ring around the rosie on the phone at the call center.

isarai335d ago

"There’s nothing the $70 Switch Pro Controller can do that can’t be done by this $26 alternative"

Except provide amiibo support and turn on the system apparently

Neonridr334d ago

I mean it could be a possible alternative given its attractive price. But the build quality could be suspect and I doubt the rumble is to the same level as the 1st party Pro controller.

Doge334d ago

Tbh the only 3rd party alternative controller worth checking out is the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ series (and the PowerA wireless GCN controller for Smash).

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