Microsoft Explains How Games for Xbox Game Pass Are Selected; Over 90% Users Are Trying New Genres

During a panel at PDXCon 2019, Microsoft senior director of ID Productions Chris Charla talked about Xbox Game Pass and how games are selected for it.

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Orionsangel25d ago

Great service but crappy store.

nowitzki200425d ago

I don't have any problems with the store at all. What problems are you experiencing?

Orionsangel25d ago

@nowitzki2004 Download errors and images not appearing.

DJStotty25d ago


Could be your connection/router as opposed to XBL.

Orionsangel24d ago

@DJStotty Nope. I'm on Xfinity with 356.3Mbps

nowitzki200424d ago (Edited 24d ago )

@Orionsangel Maybe something to do with your connection? not meaning speed, but something in your settings. Just recently I started having trouble loading Netflix on my PS4 and Xbox One and my speed is good. But it has something to do with my Wi-fi router settings. Still havent figured it out, but it only affects Netflix so far for me, nothing else.

DJStotty21d ago


Just because you have a fast DL/UL speed, does not mean you will not have gateway errors with a bad router/connection.

Re-read and try again

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gangsta_red26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

"Just yesterday Paraxox Interactive announced Crusader Kings III, mentioning that it’ll be on Xbox Game Pass for PC on day one when it releases in 2020"

Nice, not bad for a service that doesn't support the developer.

I just dl and tried Dead Cells and it's seriously some of the best fun I've had with a game.

Obscure_Observer26d ago

"Just yesterday Paraxox Interactive announced Crusader Kings III, mentioning that it’ll be on Xbox Game Pass for PC on day one when it releases in 2020"

Microsoft making their AAA games avaliable day one on gamepass is probably incentive enough to some third party developers do the same!

So much to discover! My kids are playing Decenders and having a blast! :)

Anomander25d ago

Check out Lonely Mountains: Downhill when it hits GamePass on Oct. 23rd. Fun Mountain biking game. No tricks to perform, just downhill racing and jumps to land. Trails to explore. Tons of fun

rob-GP25d ago

that and money - lots of money. Let's not forget they paid over 19m dollars for DMC 5 and MH and they weren't day-one

25d ago
aconnellan25d ago

“ Nice, not bad for a service that doesn't support the developer”

So the games get put on there for free without permission, and Microsoft don’t pay the developers to do it?

DaDrunkenJester25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I think that comment was him being sarcastic and poking fun at the people saying the GamePass model isnt sustainable and why would 3rd party devs bother.

Fragnum25d ago


"So the games get put on there for free without permission, and Microsoft don’t pay the developers to do it?"

Gangsta was using sarcasm to echo and disprove the sentiment that some users have expressed previously.

derektweed124d ago

I've been playing crusader kings II a lot recently, I'm really looking forward to 3 being on Game Pass

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lelo2play25d ago

Tried this service on the PC... unfortunately the dam app was always giving error when starting to download a game.

Never had problems with other PC game launchers (Steam, Epic, Uplay, etc).

Fishy Fingers25d ago

Thats wierd. Check your OS version is up to date.

lelo2play25d ago

My OS is up to date (1903 version) and with original Windows key. Even deactivated my firewall... problem is the Windows Xbox app...

monkey60225d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I had the same problem. It's an issue with the Microsoft store in general. There's a roundabout way of fixing it involving going into the command files and clearing all the update data out. A pain in the ass and I've had to do it a couple of times but it works

nowitzki200425d ago

PC is left out on Gamepass anyways, there is so much on Gamepass that isnt available for PC. But those games have PC versions..

timotim25d ago

Their are games on Gamepass for PC that are not available for the service on console too. I have Ultimate which gets me all of it.

King_Noctis25d ago

I had the same problem as well. The damn store is a pain in the rear to get working sometimes.

rainslacker25d ago

Think that's an issue with the store itself. On my home computer, I've tried to get two apps from it on different occassions, and both times it gave me an error. Can't remember the fix, but it's fairly easy to do as I recall. Has something to do with how Win10 authenticates stuff. shouldn't be something that people have to do, and enough people need to do it that it's a well documented problem and easy to find fix.

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Italiano123456725d ago

Thats obvious. Isnt that what a rental service is. I used to rent movies all the time i never would of bought or seen. Duh

gamer780425d ago

eh not really the same as a rental service for several reasons. You get the games for a long enough period of time to beat them, not just a couple of days to squeeze it in and not really enjoy rushing through. Additionally, you then can buy the game at a discount should you choose to. Furthermore, its different because you get access to a vast selection of games all at once, and those are the same games your friends can play, which results in an instant catalog of games that you can play together regardless if everyone wants to spend enough to buy at retail.

P_Bomb25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

It is a rental. I’m under no pretense that I own anything I Spotify, Netflix, Gamefly, EA Access, PS Now, PS+ or GamePass. I’m fine with that.

Blockbuster actually had similar GamePass rental packages back in the day albeit much more expensive. $30 or something and you could lease anything and everything for that month. Rentals haven’t always been limited to a weekend, and you absolutely could buy said rental at a discount. Think of it as a brick and mortar Gamefly. A world before online, heh. BC = Before Computers lol! Growing up in the NES era, I wouldn’t say I was rushed, but I absolutely could beat games in a weekend.

The scenario I see playing out, is more publishers following Hollywood and launching their own services ala EA and Ubisoft. The libraries will eventually become more splintered. Some will fail like anything does (Shomi), but I could see Squeenix, Capcom, Activision channels making a go of it, with the occasional Sega or WB. Competition will hopefully keep the prices down. My Netflix on the other hand did go up twice in two years

As it stands for games, $5 - $10 a month is still cheaper than a month of DCUO. If anything I see MMO guys having to re-evaluate their own subscription pricing.

gamer780425d ago

@P_Bomb. I didn't say it wasn't a rental, I just said it wasn't the same as traditional rentals, for reasons I stated as it having an advantage over traditional rental services.

xTonyMontana25d ago

The old ones like Blockbusters maybe but new ones via post you can keep them for as long as you want.

rob-GP25d ago

You're thinking of rental services from many years ago. Look at Boomerang - the biggest UK rental service. They send you out multiple games, you keep as long as you want, then you post them back and get more. If you like the game you have, you can buy it off them for a discounted price and they post you the box and everything inside as if it was new.

So technically, it's working exactly like the rental services, only you don't have to wait to receive your next games.

gamer780425d ago

@rob-GP I don't live in the UK, but boomerang looks just like blockbuster, you can keep a max of 2 games at a time, at a max at 4 a month, thats a far cry from 50-100 games playing and switching out as much as you want. and that costs like 12 euro, the same as gamespass and no waiting on games being available or shipping time.

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gamer780425d ago

really enjoyed hellblade and Blair witch stories. I never tried hell blade when it was on ps4 mainly due to not being sold on it, but trying it for free + my gold subscription well worth it, amazing game. Blair witch was also a pleasant surprise with a pretty good story.

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