How Will Nintendo Keep The Switch Competitive Once The PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Are Out?

What happens to the Switch once it’s no longer the newest kid on the block?

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isarai25d ago

Like they always have, with their stellar exclusives. Dont need super powerful consoles to make fun games, and focusing on fun factor is what Nintendo does best.

Babadook725d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Yah. Not to mention Sony (ps5) has a different overall game plan than Nintendo and it’s been that way for a long time.

24d ago
ABizzel124d ago

Western 3rd party support will dry up (outside of mobile ports), but they will still have strong Japanese 3rd party support and First Party exclusives which will easily carry the system throughout the rest of its lifecycle.

Two very different primary audiences here.

Babadook724d ago (Edited 24d ago )

“ And censoring games is another one of there game plans which I’m not going to accept..”

No censoring that I’ve ever noticed. Sony proudly shows off M rated material like TLOU 2.

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r2oB25d ago

What do you mean like they always have? Of their last 4 consoles, only 1 was competitive. The N64, GameCube, and WiiU were not very competitive (not saying they were bad consoles). The Switch is doing amazing, but I don’t consider it a console but rather a very powerful handheld that can output games on a TV. I honestly don’t think it’s fair to compare the Switch to current consoles, so forget about comparing them to next gen consoles. You buy a Switch for Nintendo exclusives and/or to play games while mobile. You buy a PS4/Xbox One for their exclusives and/or play third party games (or just higher quality games in general). Two different demographics in my opinion, so pointless comparing them.

isarai25d ago

yeah, and they're still here, how so? by doing what i said. they may not be a big hitter when it comes to home consoles (except the NES and Wii) but they have just as much presence in the eye of consumers.

r2oB24d ago

Being around and being competitive are two different things. They are still around because they are profitable. You can be profitable without being competitive, mainly by keeping operating expenses low. Something Nintendo is very good at considering what goes into their systems are usually behind the curve which saves them money; most their games don't have high production cost since they only have to be fun and not technically advanced in anyway; God knows what little money they spent on their online services and infrastructure. Fortunately for them their handhelds sell really good, and their consumer base doesn't seem to care what they do or don't do.

Aghashie25d ago

Exclusives is not the answer.

The PlayStation brand has an impressive catalogue of AAA exclusives and yet people is buying the Switch - for what? To play Zelda and Mario?

The Switch is attractive because is portable. Remove the portable factor and watch it sink like a rock in a pond.

Sony and Nintendo are aiming at different markets. The Switch should not be worried for the release of the PS5.

Tiqila25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I'd say it's both, portability and exclusives. And yes, I bought mine to play BotW and Mario Odyssey. Somehow my library has grown since however...

Stanjara25d ago

I'm sorry but people are buying Switch because Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. It is so popular that 3rd party publishers want to be on that money train. Games will always sell the hardware, not the other way around.

Aghashie25d ago

I respect all your comments and opinions, but the Wii U will disagree with you.

Zelda BOTW achieved mainstream popularity on the Switch, but the game was originally released on the Wii U and flew under the radar for a while.

I own a Switch and I love it, but not because of the games - because is a really good portable gaming system. Do you believe the Switch could compete with the big boys as a home system? - the Wii U disagree with you.

24d ago
deafdani24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Dude, BOTW was released at the same time on Wii U and Switch. Your post implies it was released on Wii U first and that nobody cared about it until the Switch version was released, which isn't true at all. Both games were released on the Switch's launch day. And of course the majority of people bought the Switch version, just like the majority of people bought the Wii version of Zelda Twilight Princess over the GameCube one.

24d ago
Larrysweet24d ago

This is true they compete alone if switch wasnt portable it wouldnr sell 10 mill

rainslacker24d ago

3DS beat Vita, despite both being portable. Vita was significantly more powerful, and could play games comparable to the consoles.

Vita obviously had some issues with the way it was released, but the reason that Vita struggled most was because of the games on it. Not that it didn't have any games, but because it didn't have enough of the right games to attract players to it. Same way the PSP struggled at first until they finally got some major games on the system to attract people's attention.

Nintendo portables tend to do very well, and beyond them having a strong hold on the portable market historically, they support the portables with good software, and get good support from 3rd party, so people want to buy them for those games.

In are how they compete.

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AK9125d ago

The Wii U was that but it failed miserably after the PS4 and XB1 came out.

Dom_Estos24d ago

Yep, and you're getting disagrees from fanboys of other systems here, but the truth of the matter is exactly how you put it. This reliance on more and more powerful do what exactly? Take 8 years to make a game to take advantage of it, and then shovel in grinding loot box bollocks to rake back the production costs? I'm currently playing through Ocarina of Time for the first time since it came out, and lo and behold, that game still stands up. A game over 20 years old. Older than most of the idiots giving you downvotes, for sure.

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masterfox25d ago

They can't , the Switch from the day that was release was already an archaic device but that thing sold very good for one sole reason it was because Zelda came along with it and this impulse their sales and fad advertisement make the Switch to be popular, next year the real gaming console will have its successor and like all new generation start up all developers will follow with him, developers want more freedom to develop their games so why would they want to keep developing for a device with so many constraint like the Switch has.

deadfrag25d ago

Dont forget that most likely when the PS5 and Next Xbox get release Nintendo will just release the Zelda BOTW sequel and soon after the Next Mario and Metroid Prime 4 this Will suffice Nintendo until the end of 2021 when the Next generarion of Nintendo hardware Will come to get the ports of the Next generarion games that this version of the Switch can not handle and new Next generarion games too.And Im not even mentioning Bayonneta 3 and other exclusives that Nintendo has in Order to keep the Switch momento until Nintendo Next generarion hardware or Switch 2 if you like to call it.

Adnanilyas2124d ago

Don't forget Bayonetta 3, No More Heroes 3 and Animal Crossing

25d ago
Nintentional25d ago

I’m gonna laugh in your face when the Switch outsells the PS5 🤣😂

xX-oldboy-Xx25d ago

When is that going to happen? On release? Lifetime? A few months a year?

Sony will obliterate Nintendo.

HentaiElmo25d ago

Dreams of the delusional nintentional 🤣😂🤣

24d ago
WiiU-Dude24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

It really isn't an archaic device for what it is doing. It was NEVER meant to compete graphically with XB1/PS4. It is publishers decisions to try to shoehorn games meant for XB1/PS4 onto the Switch. When making a game for the Switch only, developers use its power capabilities. It is selling like gangbusters because it pulled off being a great system that for the first time connects to your TV very easily and seamlessly with the docking station. It is simply an option, but people like the possibility even if fewer use it than mobile. Their exclusive games don't really sell hardware. Look to the N64, GameCube, Wii U if you need proof. The Wii sold because of its niche, or gimmick, with the remote... Again not exclusives.

deafdani24d ago

If what you are saying was true, the Switch's sales would have dropped off a cliff a few months after release, because Zelda alone can't sustain it. Yet we're 2 and a half years after launch, and the system keeps selling like hotcakes. So you are wrong.

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FallenAngel198425d ago

Switch has already established itself as a secondary console to even owners of PlayStation and Xbox, so they don’t have much to worry about.

It’s not either or for everyone, Switch can easily coexist with PS5 & Xbox Scarlett like it’s done with PS4 & Xbox One so far

King_Noctis25d ago

“ Switch has already established itself as a secondary console“

I think only a few people here including yourself consider the Switch that way.

24d ago
Strange9924d ago

Nah, the point is legitimate. Sure there are people who have a Switch as their primary, but it’s most likely because they are young kids or money is tight. I have a Switch and I love it, but I’m not buying new games for it if they are on either ps4 or Xbox. No matter how big a fan you are of Nintendo you have to admit the console just can’t handle what the others can. My Switch had trouble with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. I find it laughable they even bothered with Witcher 3.

rainslacker24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

It's a secondary console for me, but I'm sure there are those that use it as a primary. The only one's I know personally that have it as a primary are some of my cousins kids. But I tend to socialize with gaming stuff with people who are multi-console owners, and generally wouldn't find the Switch's library suitable for providing for their main gaming needs.

Switch will survive though. I don't feel it competes in the market the same way that Sony and MS compete, and has the portable market to itself.

FallenAngel198425d ago

Considering that after Switch released that PS4 still had its best commercial years on the market, it’s obvious that Switch isn’t eating into the marketshare of its competition but rather coexisting.

Whether people use Switch as the primary and others as the secondary or vice versa, it’s obvious that Switch can exist without threatening or being threatened by its rivals.

BrainSyphoned25d ago

By selling me Nintendo games? It isn’t selling millions to play gacha heavy shooters or cyberpunk caliber open world games. Only Xbox has let PlayStation be an insurmountable opponent above themselves.

RizBiz25d ago

Maybe he means "gasha," which in this case are loot boxes?

Firebird36025d ago

Switch pro needs to be shown at e3 2020. Once ps5 and scarlett release, nobody will care about switch anymore.

HentaiElmo25d ago

Nintendo will do the same thing they do
Wait 2-3 years after the new gen and release their new underpowered system with no money lost on units.

24d ago
RizBiz25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I will. It's the only option that I can play on a crowded train.