Breath of the Wild is The Most Overrated Game of All Time

Breath of the Wild is The Most Overrated Game of All Time - Breath of the Wild is vastly overrated, only garnering critical acclaim because it is Zelda.

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Community457d ago
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UnSelf457d ago

I told my gf she had breath of the wild. Now i need a new switch

_SilverHawk_457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I dont understand how the animations and physics of this game are like zelda oot that was released over 20 years and people never talk about it. I cant even imagine what the reviews of the last of us 2 would be like if it had physics sbd animations of uncharted 1 on ps3 but all Nintendo has to do is make games with old gameplay design with cell shaded graphics and they get high review scores. To each his own, I understand their is an old fanbase for this game and a lot of Nintendo games but if they have faults they need to be pointed out in reviews and have issues dictate the scores. Most of the reviews are by old people that grew up playing Nintendo games and they just gloss over negative issues the games suffers from. We can talk about subjective things like the design of botw or story but the game suffered from a lot of frame rate issues, pop ins and things other games on pc, xbox and ps4 would have points deducted for in reviews.

The witcher 3 on switch is a very poor port but it's been getting a lot of praise for just being on the switch which is silly. The games textures are muddy and it has a lot of pop ins and constantly has frame rate drops which would be unacceptable for regular consoles but on switch those issues aren't a big deal. I dont understand not being able to see a lot of details in a game which is very important for immersion but it's no problem because a certain game is on the switch.

bouzebbal457d ago

Game felt empty to me.. The change from the classic recipe really didn't catch me

mikeslemonade456d ago

Breath of the tech demo is the worst 3D Zelda.

fiveby9457d ago

Article titles like this are such click-bait ploys. I thought it was a great game. Perfect? No. The hyperbole is sad. 'of All Time'. Gimme a break.

yoshatabi457d ago

How is this click bait? Literally this game is really controversial. Many people liked and didn't like it. I thought it was trash imo.

Teflon02457d ago

I definitely wouldn't call it even top 3 Zelda's. The game is overrated. I don't get how the weapon Durability system can get ignored. The hassle 70% of things are etc. The game is a love or hate thing. Some people are willing to ignore the issues. Some can't ignore those issues. It's rated that high by critics etc but anything with the issues BotW has would like a say 80 on metacritic at most. The game is defintely the most overrated. The fact that a 60fps game like Nier Automata was dropped in scores all over for simplistic combat, and a frame stutter that didn't affect gameplay as it was essentially a streaming issue so it wasn't a issue for combat etc. While BotW has the most simplistic attack system of the 3D games even with a bunch of weapon types. It's simple af. Basically ther complaints for Nier were ignored for it. Yookalaylee was shitted on because reviewers couldn't wait for the day one patch that was already announced and they wanted to base reviews off the version that had issues and not the ones that played fine.
It's things like that. I'm not saying that it isn't that great for some. But it's like Mario games. It's always overrated at release then years later the truth comes. The labels give these games more praise than they deserve in alot of cases

brrdat457d ago

nah they're just not pandering to all the nintendo nerds that refuse to accept the game wasn't nearly as good as people made it out to be.

Petebloodyonion457d ago

I guess you didn't read the article.
It's a response to IGN 100 games of all times that place the game at #5

456d ago
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DaDrunkenJester457d ago

Yep, wasn't my favorite Zelda, but still put over 100 hours into it.

NarutoFox457d ago

Yeah I put in a lot of hours too

rainslacker457d ago

I dont think it was overrated. I can see why it got the scores that it did, and respect those who really liked it.

I think that people who made it out to be the best game ever made, or tried to trash another game at the same time were overstating its accomplishments.

I think a lot of people and the media didn't do others the service of recognizing the faults it had, but that's nothing exclusive to this game

gangsta_red457d ago

I actually saw the opposite, people who trashed this game to prop up another game that wasnt getting as many perfect scores as this Zelda.

Everyone I talked to who owns a Switch and played this game loved it. Even people who weren't Zelda fans said this game was excellent.

rainslacker457d ago

That'd make sense if the two games in question, since we both know we're talking about Horizon and BOTW, didn't come out a week apart from one another. Both sides trashed the other to prop up the other side, and there is no one side that started it.

But, in the case of Horizon, the media, and even many players of Horizon, were capable of noting it's faults. But, criticize BOTW, and get death threats, be told your a Sony fan, and have more Nintendo fans unwilling to accept that Horizon was still a good game, because somehow that makes it impossible for BOTW to be a good game also.

You know me. I own a switch. I played BOTW. I'm not a zelda fan, but I respect the series. I didn't love it. I thought it was a decent enough game. Now, you can't say that everyone you know said it was excellent or loved it, because I know you know lots of people on here who feel the same way I do.

Ceaser9857361456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

"I actually saw the opposite, people who trashed this game to prop up another game that wasnt getting as many perfect scores as this Zelda."

Zero dawn for an IP was an amazing game and the score it got was fine and it deserved it also NOBODY is saying BOTW sucks all they are saying is its overrated that 97 98 score is actually overrated

also i know alot of them who played the game said it didnt deserve such high score and the world is empty no doubt they said they enjoyed it but the game didnt deserve that score

gangsta_red456d ago

"Both sides trashed the other to prop up the other side, and there is no one side that started it."

This is true, but this isn't what you originally stated in your first comment.

"But, criticize BOTW, and get death threats, be told your a Sony fan, and have more Nintendo fans unwilling to accept that Horizon was still a good game, because somehow that makes it impossible for BOTW to be a good game also."

Again, not entirely the truth because we also saw the same thing for anyone who criticized Horizon. They would also be accused of not owning a PS4, not playing the game or being a Xbox/Nintendo fanboy. Horizon came out before Zelda, so to say that Nintendo fans weren't accepting of Horizon being a good game probably came up when Sony fanboys were trashing Zelda's scores in Zelda articles.

"Now, you can't say that everyone you know said it was excellent or loved it, because I know you know lots of people on here who feel the same way I do."

Everyone that i personally know that has a Switch that has played Zelda, loves the game. That doesn't mean they didn't have their nit picks, but that doesn't mean they didn't love it or think it didn't deserve the scores it received.

"Zero dawn for an IP was an amazing game and the score it got was fine and it deserved it also NOBODY is saying BOTW sucks all they are saying is its overrated that 97 98 score is actually overrated"

So Horizon deserves it, but Zelda doesn't?

Can we say the same thing but vice versa, Horizon is overrated and Zelda deserved the scores?

I can understand if there were one or two reviews that scored Zelda rperfect but the scores were pretty much unanimous.

No one complained or batted an eye with Horizon's high scores, but the magnifying glasses and deep dives definitely came out when Zelda reviews were released.

rainslacker456d ago

There's always going to be some contingent of people who trash the competition. But, realistically, the counter trashing is fueled in a cycle of one group antagonizing the other, and vice versa, until it becomes more vitriolic over time. The immediate comparisons between BOTW and Horizon were really only there because they released around the same time, and both were open world games. But for the most part, Sony fans aren't that hostile towards Nintendo games, and Nintendo gamers aren't that hostile towards Sony games. But, there are a few on each side that are, and they keep pushing things until it becomes this thing that one day becomes this thing where everyone is being hostile towards the other, and no side wants to accept fault.

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King_Noctis456d ago

I kindda actually agree with you on this.

Also, its not surprising that this clickbait article is the hottest article here right now. Some things never change.

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EddieNX 457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

It's amazing. I'd argue it gets a lot of unnecessary criticism who simply misunderstood the game.

Once you progress into the game and start to find all the little details scattered around it all comes together wonderfully.
When you get the master sword and start to find tons of high durability weapons is when it gets good.
The gameplay and physics means it's extremely fun to play and theres ways ways to approach every scenario thrown at you.

It would of been better with big, traditional dungeons thrown in and I hope that is addressed in number 2.

Kumakai457d ago

It’s overhyped dude. We know how much you love Nintendo tho.

EddieNX 457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Nah its an amazing game and it's really not hard to see why people like my self love Nintendo when they make games like this.

Nintendo makes the best exclusives. IGN agrees with me, everyone agrees with me except for sony fanboys lol.

yoshatabi457d ago

@Eddie game was boring a'f man. But hey everyone is different

457d ago
DarXyde457d ago

I'm a Playstation gamer mostly, and I really loved BotW. I can see the point you're making about bias, but can't it just be a great game? The critical reception is actually in line with my own opinion and I don't think it's overrated. It's easily one of my best experiences this generation.

There are different opinions about it. The opinion of a Nintendo fanboy about Breath of the Wild is perhaps as valid as the opinion of an anti- Nintendo fanboy. Clearly, opinions are at odds, but one of them is more likely to be "right" on issues at any time.

That said, you can say the game is overrated. Doesn't make you right.

Elda457d ago

Yep!! In their eyes they can do no wrong.

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ShadowWolf712457d ago

Yes, it's just too complex and nuanced for any tiny brained person or non-Nintendo fanboy (but I repeat myself XD) to EVER grasp.

The sheer sophistication of how a weapon breaks after about six hits? Magic, and a meta-commentary on the fragility of material possessions! The stamina system, a metaphor for life's hardships and the lengths we must choose to overcome them, the heart balance a parable of how we must sometimes sacrifice that which we love to be able to grow and get further in life!

So beautiful, these peons criticizing them as "bad or archaic game mechanics" simply could never grasp it, or the depth of the ability to climb literally anything, as if Iwata himself were smiling down on us from the beyond, reminding us that the Big N is always with us, ready to help us overcome all obstacles unless of course, it rains in which case all bets are off.

Oh, Eddie, if only all these PEONS could see the game the way you and I do!

(The biggest of /S's)

FullmetalRoyale457d ago

Haha excellent. Overall I enjoyed that read, so thanks! The whole "you just didn't understand it" is such a pretentious thing to say.

rainslacker457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Silly you. Expecting someone who loves something to be able to find the faults with it and criticize it openly.

One day, Eddie will learn that loving something means you accept its faults, and that nothing is perfect...except donuts. Dont ever talk trash about donuts!!!

My only real criticism if the game was the stark lack of story. For an rpg that's kind of unforgivable. I'm playing a character, and I want the story to be about that character. Dont like the story being about the lore that happened long ago, about things I dint give a rat's behind about. Lore should add to the story, not be the story. Even the original Ys games, my favorite game of all time, had more player agency, and its story was much better even though your character just kind of went through the motions.

The weapons system was a terrible design in BOTW, and just suddenly being better later is not progression, just a way to frustrate the player, and add a game play mechanic that isnt fun, and ends up being irrelevant later in the game

Jrios355457d ago


I was starting to feel sorry for you when I saw all your thumbs down for stating your honest opinion about the game, but then you completely lost me when you started downplaying others and making your opinion the dominant one.

457d ago
Elda457d ago

Must be your first time seeing their comments.

KwietStorm_BLM456d ago

But that's what he does with literally everything Nintendo, since before Switch was even official. And if you disagree with him, *you're* the fanboy.

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Movefasta1993457d ago

I enjoyed the game, it has amazing gameplay but it's an 8/10 for me which is GOOD, because the shrines are boring, the weapon breaking is an annoyance(They should have implemented a system where the more you use a particular weapon, the more durable it gets or something), the 4 great puzzles aren't memorable at all, but it has ssssssssooooo much potential. I can name way way more overrated games but people would disagree with me lol.

NecrumOddBoy457d ago

I played BOTW to death. The gameplay has a great loop; a carrot on the stick for sure. However it is incredibly disappointing overall. As a game it's a 7. As a Zelda game a 6 at best. Poor story, no Triforce, 4 repetitive boss fights, 1000000 fetch quests, no special items, no trade quests, weak ending. It's a technical achievement but a fail at Zelda. Just my opinion.

GTAIV is more overrated BTW.

Exvalos457d ago

You said it best brother the game is just like Metal gear solid 5 it's a technical achievement, but fails at being a good game.

Teflon02457d ago

What makes MGSV a technical achievement anyways? It's a nice game. I like it alot. but honestly, it wasn't impressive to me once I started playing it and seen it wasn't all that graphically impressive. Just good textures, camera work and effects

AnnaDea457d ago

Amen brother.

I rated Botw a 6 for the same reasons.

RizBiz457d ago

You added an extra "I" to the second bit. GTA4 was great (albeit with a terrible lack of checkpoints), GTA5 was hot garbage.

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VerminSC457d ago

yeah like the witcher 3. I'll takes the downvotes for you hahaha

457d ago
457d ago
n1kki6457d ago

8 out of 10 then names a pile of bullshit about the game. Its easily one of the worst zelda games, if not the worst and its really not a good game.

Movefasta1993456d ago

Because the core gameplay is incredible and traversing which is a BIG part of the game is amazing,

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Poopmist457d ago

Na, it's a tie between Ocarina of Time and FF7

457d ago Replies(2)
ShadowWolf712457d ago

Eh, FF7 is pretty overrated, yeah, but not as much as this, I'd say.

OoT is good tho.

Aghashie457d ago

I will not disagree with your opinion.

However, FF7 was a phenomenon when It released in 1997. The game alone revamped the RPG genere and showcased the true potential of the original PlayStation. Let me explain this from another perspective... FF7 (1997), Gran Turismo (1996) and Tomb Rider (1996) are considered the reason for the success of the PS1. These titles alone did more for the PS1 than all of it's games combined!

Is hard to explain to someone who wasn't gaming at that time.

This level of success don't happens just because. The game has to be great to drive those numbers.

I won't argue that later Final Fantasy games rised the bar even higher and you may regard other FF game as "the best" FF. But is impossible to deny what this game did when it released back in the 97'.

Overrated? Absolutely no. Just think about it... Today in 2019 we are still talking about a 22 years old game and and comparing it to modern standards. How "overrated" is that for you?

Kakashi Hatake456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

No FF9 is overrated. FF8 is criminally underrated. 7 receives the right amount of praise.

AlexMuncatchy457d ago

Ocarina of Time is overrated?
I'm not even the biggest Zelda fan, but I can say that you, objectively, are out of your mind.
Unless, of course, you wish to back up your stance with some substance.

Ratchet75457d ago

I've played OOT on my smartphone the other day and had way more fun that i had with BOTW.

Poopmist457d ago

Objectively OOT has barely any story, clunky combat, bad graphics, and empty environments.

AlexMuncatchy457d ago


....Except for the simple (and stubbornly obvious) fact that Ocarina of Time was widely considered to be one of the best looking games when it came out.

That alone disqualifies your point.

AlexMuncatchy457d ago

Ocarina of Time was considered an absolutely beautiful game when it came out.
...How old are you?

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njitram2000457d ago

While I agree with all the points made in the article, I disagree with the "most overrated game of all time" conclusion. The freedom is the one thing they really got right and it meant I had an adventure that was truly my own. That makes it far more valuable to me than most other games we get these days.

I would argue that Mario Odyssey was far more overrated. I finished it with the question "Is that it?". I googled what else there was and it was just searching all the extra moons but no extra actual content. Compare that to Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 which had multiple variations on each level and were massive, Odyssey was a huge letdown for me.


It's the inverse for me. I thought Mario Odessey SHOULD have gotten GOTY over BOTW as it was the more polished game. BOTW had several framerate issues that prevented it from being perfect in my eyes. Still one of the best games I've ever played though.

WickedLester457d ago

I agree that Odyssey is better than BOTW. But for me, Horizon Zero Dawn was game of the year that year.

ShadowWolf712457d ago

Odyssey was also vastly overrated, yes, but nowhere near to the point BotW was. It was declared "The Greatest Game of All Time" by multiple publications and people were sending death threats and DDoSing sites who gave it a score they deemed too low.

I still think MGS V is far more overrated by comparison (it's missing 1/3 of the entire game, after all) but this one ranks up there.


Vehemently disagree. Odyssey deserved all those perfect scores. That's as close to flawless as a 3D platformer can be. I don't think I've ever experienced level design that creative since Jet Set Radio Future.

If there's a better 3D platformer out there, then let me know about it because I want to play it.

ShadowWolf712457d ago

Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

That game took the genre to a place I didn't even know it could go and was all kinds of adorable.

Also pretty much any Ratchet & Clank game. Mario Sunshine. The Sly Cooper series. Spyro 3.

Odyssey feels so barren and empty by comparison.

Tiqila457d ago


Astro Bot is awesome but is nothing compared to Odyssey. You must be a Sony fanatic fanboy to name Spyro 3 etc. as better than Odyssey.

I am really stunned right now, dafuq???

ShadowWolf712457d ago

Astro Bot elevated platformers in a way no other game has even attempted to do, and it was FUN to boot.

Both of which are FAR more than I can say for Odyssey.

King_Noctis456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Any game is “vastly overrated “ if you make it out to be one.

And Astro Bot Rescue Mission? Now you’re just grasping at the straw. Maybe you haven’t tried Mario Odyssey yet.

ShadowWolf712456d ago

I own Odyssey, my guy. It's just not that good of a platformer.

QUITE watered down, too.

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yoshatabi457d ago

Everyone was talking about breath of the wild. What are you on about? Way more than Mario oddyssey. Everyone was praising Zelda saying how it was the best thing ever blah blah blah

Teflon02457d ago

Thing is Odyssey is overrated to. But atleast it's praise died down in a few months. You kinda know it was overrated by how it's treated as whatever now. But I enjoyed it more. I just hate that as a colectathon it's uneven. I don't mind big and small stages etc. But I hated the big stages like Metro and Sand Kingdom. I loved ones like Lake and was it Forgotten Kingdom or Lost Kingdom. Basically. I liked it alot at the beginning then after cascade and I hit sand kingsom and immediately was annoyed. Then the fact every stage has different amounts of moons, you gotta get some for other areas in other stages and you don't have a real way to keep track of that specifically without a guide. The fact that 50 if not more percent of moons were in doors or pipes that always had a secret moon and a regular path moon. The game became a complete hassle after beating it. I love 100%ing games, but i couldn't even bother. It's just not fun. I enjoyed 100%ing even DK64 and basically love all 3D platformers but Freezeme. I literally only finished it twice to get the trophies and on steam I could 100% in like a hour or 2 lol. But MO just became a hassle and I only play when streaming now since chat makes it alot more enjoyable

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