Naughty Dog: Deserving of Praise or Overhyped?

Sometimes it feels like Naughty Dog gets unnecessary praise from gamers despite their games not having much gaming in them.

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isarai1257d ago

Show me one game this gen with the attention to detail U4 and Lost Legacy had. Even if you put graphics aside you still have consistently well crafted characters and really well executed storys. Also are you forgetting they've had MP in EVERY release since uncharted 2? And all of them have been at least pretty fun with TLOU's Factions being downright amazing!. I'd rather take a tightly ctafted 12hr campaign with great care and detail put into it than whatever open world gruel Ubisoft releases next. There's definitely more "game" in U4 than most other AAA games lately.

_SilverHawk_1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

They are the best video game development team so they deserve praise.

bouzebbal1256d ago

Lost Legacy was a masterpiece in every way.. I got it just over summer and the reason is that I'm not a fan of the two girls but the game really managed to amaze me.

naruga1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

for the original 4 Crash bandicoots and Jak and Daxter 1 yes they definately worth the praise ..these games are legendary....after these ,YEs they are overhyped ....Jakk 2,3 are mediocre at least ,Uncharted is a jungle Gears of war and Lat of Us is uncharted +Resident Evil ....nothing special

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S2Killinit1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

The fact that they are even mentioned as the best is testament to their legendary status as nobody else can claim such a title and offer even a remotely satisfactory argument to support it.

ND is simply the best. Whether someone’s individual opinion agrees or not.

SyntheticForm1256d ago

I've always said this too - I think they're the best developers in the industry. Their biggest competition, imo, as of this moment, is Sony Santa Monica.

cloganart1256d ago


Lost Legacy is the sole reason I'm excited for Marvel's Avengers as it's done by the same director, Shaun Escayg.

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Army_of_Darkness1256d ago

Anyone who still thinks that naughty dog is an overhyped development Studio is a complete dumbass And should never touch a gaming controller again.

badz1491256d ago

"...despite their games not having much gaming in them"

THAT sentence alone is already enough to proof how much a blind hater this article is.

UltraNova1256d ago

Who the hell cares, most of us (MoUs, hehe) know what ND can deliver. Personally speaking, their games alone are reason enough for any gamer to invest in PS console....they are that good.

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TheOptimist1256d ago

Have you seen the quest structure of Divinity Original Sin 2? Or the writing of Disco Elysium?

Makes U4 and LL feel like puppies.

RpgSama1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Disco Elysium JUST came out on October 15th and you are already praising It when you probably haven't even played it, even then, you cannot just pick and choose the best part of every game developer to make your point, Naughty Dog games are the full package, are there games with better writing?, surely, better quest structure?, of course, better gameplay?, depends on the genre, but Naughty Dog is the best when you want everything in the one game.

solideagle1256d ago

lol are you seriously comparing RPG with U4?

sometimes it amazes me how people just hate things for the sake of it

On Topic: yes they are deserving of praise as many other studious in the gaming world. U2 changed the landscape of cinematic single player games. I really like the character animations in their games. If you see Naughty Dog logo on a game it means quality, simple as that :)

TheOptimist1256d ago


I always wonder why people assume that people on N4G haven't played certain games. But whatever.


i have no idea why people bring up genres when it comes to story-telling or certain objective aspects of game design. Objectively speaking, both DoS2 and Disco Elysium have better narratives and use the medium- video games- to the best possible extent. Uncharted is just a game with good graphics based around a passive story-telling medium (Movies)

P_Bomb1256d ago

Meh. If neither of those two games scratches an itch, what does it matter to someone if they’re pushing the medium to the best possible extent? It’s like classical music vs rock’n’roll, except now it’s RPG dad and Uncharted is the Marshall stack shaking the dishes lol.

The Wood1256d ago

A certainty in life...... There will ALWAYS be one

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theshredded1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

"More game" I can literally name more than 100 games that are more gamey/have more gameplay functions but okay. It's the opposite. Most games are more "game". You barely have any variety and gameplay options that's different from other games. Their games definitely have more polish but they're much less in terms of gameplay.

rainslacker1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Their games have the amount of game play to achieve what they were going for. It sounds like your expectation for what your getting is different than what the dev is trying to deliver. Its like complaining that it doesnt have RPG leveling elements when it is a casual style third person shooter.

They dont have to try to shove everything into a game just because it exists elsewhere. There are plenty which try to do that, and they become a convoluted mess of half executed ideas.

UltraNova1256d ago

You really must hate games like Forza then, you know not enough simulation...

Fritzwochel1256d ago

U4 is a visual stunner, but the gameplay is BORING. So repetitive gameplay. I'll take an open world adventure any day. Can't wait for the politically correct and boring TLOU2.

isarai1256d ago

your troll game needs work. 3.5/10 - "too obvious"

UhOh1255d ago

Yeah would you happen to know if the last of us is just as repetitive also? I have only played Uncharted 2 and that is what turned me off also. Everything was excellent except the gameplay funny enough. If only more of the battles would have been as fun as the mk19 jeep battle then Uncharted would probably be my favorite game series instead of Metal Gear.

Ceaser98573611256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Haters gonna hate you can see the dislike some section doesnt appreciate them but who cares. ND are One of the best and the games they release has top notch details and have been rated the best by alot of gaming sites and analysist..
You can already see some hate but they are just salty... LOU2 will release next year 21st Feb and it will be a masterpiece and such people will still be salty..

fatbastard111256d ago

LOL. RDR2 and it's not even close. Although Rockstar Games has many more employees and $$$

T2X1256d ago

YES! Deserved! Why is anyone even asking this stupid question?

Enturax1256d ago

They are great at visuals and good at stories, but they're not the best at making gameplays.
Also, they're lately forcing some propaganda in their games, so I hope they'll be screwed by fortune sooner or later.

(dislike button intensifies even though you know I'm stating truth)

Samonuske1256d ago

Red Dead 2 has amazing attention to detail.

Sophisticated_Chap1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. If these two games had of been PlayStation exclusives, the gaming media would have said that they were two of the best games this generation. Too much industry politics perpetuated by the mainstream gaming media, is why Naughty Dog can do no wrong.

People should remember how this trend was the complete opposite, way back when the gaming media praised everything Xbox 360, when most people knew that PlayStation 3 had the much better hardware, and actually really had great games. I have always liked Naughty Dog, but the worshipping from extremist Playstation gamers and the gaming media alike, has gotten dangerously out of control.

P_Bomb1254d ago

“ Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. If these two games had of been PlayStation exclusives, the gaming media would have said that they were two of the best games this generation”

You do know IGN just name dropped Rise of the Tomb Raider as one of their top 100 games of all time, right? The only TR to make their list (even though I personally preferred Shadow). What more do you want? We’re talking about Jonah and Trinity here.

VerminSC1256d ago

If this was reddit, id give you gold.

DEKUX121255d ago

Very over rated. The games to me are noting special. Nintendo games are far better.

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solideagle1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Many studios are famous for their own respective genres e.g.

Rockstar/CD Project Red: Big open world games
Blizzard: Action (strategy) RPG
Bungie: FPS
Square Enix: RPG
Polyphony/turn 10: Racing

You get the idea...Naughty Dog perfected cinematic third person action games with U2. Animations in their games are top notch and gameplay is tight. Remember they made crash/Jak, from these games to Uncharted to The Last of us is huge accomplishment. No one should deny that. Many studios remain in their comfort zone and make similar type of games but Naughty dog changed the formula and I commend them for that :)

They are deserving of every single praise just like other studios.

XabiDaChosenOne1256d ago

Bungie hasn't made a great FPS since Halo 3.

1256d ago
RizBiz1256d ago

and Blizzard hasn't made a great Action RPG since Diablo 2.

UhOh1255d ago

Nintendo:Action Adventure

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Dark_Knightmare21257d ago

What a trash article trying to say ND games don’t have gameplay lol that troll attempt died like ten years ago

MarkyMark891257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Why must people get so offended and respond like they are being attacked when their opinion doesn't align with someone else's? What planet did you come from, who raised you people, a pack of snowflake liberals? I don't get it, you can no longer have a discussion about anything these days with someone who has an opinion that sits on the opposite side of the spectrum. What happened to having a civil conversation/discussion about a topic.

I love Naughty Dog games but I can also get where the writer of this article is coming from. See how being a mature adult works... Somebody has an opinion that does not align with mine, do I need to lash out and name call, no we can discuss and elaborate civily and try to see from the other perspective. Like I have said on other post, what some like others do not, and vice versa. Does not make either side right or wrong, just different strokes for different folks . The majority of my friend's list on Ps4 and Xbox mainly play Multiplayer FPS games.Majority of my PC friends list plays 2D side-scrolling and RTS/Moba style games. Naughty Dog or any great story-driven experience just does not interest them what so ever. I am sure there are other groups just like mine, but then you have groups that love sitting in parties together and running through a single-player experience together. No need for ignorance... You would think some of these children get a check from Sony every month for the cheerleading they do, dear lord.

CaptainOmega1257d ago

You were too busy on your soapbox to address the topic. All those words and nothing substantive.

ND deserves praise for making good games. That’s it.

isarai1257d ago

Has nothing to do with librals, snowflakes, being a mature adult, or what you like vs what you dont. It's about giving credit where credit is due. If you don't like it thats fine, but to say their popularity is only built on overhyped falsifications, and that there's "not much game" to a teams work who obviously aims for the opposite with added cheats, render modes, character skins, and game modifiers, add fleshed out MP modes on top of all that with none of that behind a paywall. I'd say it has PLENTY of "game". People are bothered because the team works hard and it shows, and this guy comes along and claims it's half assed, and it aint

AspiringProGenji1256d ago

Here’s an xbox fanboy in disguise complaining about something that dies not exist. Literally nobody is doing any of that and here you are telling us what your friends like.

Ummm thanks?

bluefox7551256d ago

Because we know that this is thinly veiled rage bait, game journalists do it all the time now because it's the most reliable way to get traffic. Furthermore, "exclusivelygames" purports to be above this sort of practice, so it's especially worthy of eyerolls.

tontontam01256d ago

In my opinion the writer's opinion sucks and in my "opinion" his "opinion" is wrong. so why are you attacking my opinion?

1256d ago
The Wood1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

some people are just anti popular... Its their way. Some just love the attention under the guise of counter culture and rebellion. If you cant even praise or at least respect the effort and execution put into the whole package then not much more can be said. Everyone doesn't have to agree with anyone else's opinion. Accept that if something is attacked and people disagree there will likely be some kind of defence. Its not rocket science.

Rachel_Alucard1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

It's pure fanboying. I don't see any counter arguments brought forth from the the people cheerleading. It doesn't matter what game is being dismissed, they always bring up the awards or review scores as validation when that's not their own opinion but somebody else's. Other then that you'll see the typical "Trash article," "Shit opinion," or they'll just dismiss you as not having played the games even if you have beaten it. Even then they'll fall back to another scapegoat to defend it. I think both Halo 4 and 5 are terrible and BOTW is very Ubisoft in design structure, and I didn't have those opinions going in to either of those games. I expected some great masterpiece given the amount of awards, scores, and fanboying over both of those. All I got was a shallow repetitive experience in BOTW, and I found out I'm not the only one who has that opinion. But you cannot say this in the open lest you attract certain people who need to defend it. It's no wonder everyone shares the same opinions on many sites. Because the fanboys just scare off the ones with different opinions, so all that's left is one group.

rainslacker1256d ago

Kind of makes sense to bring up awards and general consensus when that's intrinsically linked to the topic at hand. We are talking about if ND is overrated or not.

Rachel_Alucard1256d ago

That's not your opinion, that's using someone else's as validation instead of reviewing it on your own. You can form an opinion that's different from the masses, but most people are discouraged from doing so because of other people scolding them, putting them down, or just using the voting system against them.

Speaking on ND, I do agree they are very good at presentation and their technology and attention to detail is incomparable to most others. However, there are some things they've done I don't agree with and I don't like the Senior writers attitude and approach to writing. I still remember in Last of Us 1 they talked about how much better the AI was for Ellie and the enemies then the E3 reveal demo, coming to launch, only to find out they just made Ellie invincible and unseeable by enemies, and the enemies are even worse by comparison. That Last of Us 2 demo they showed was scripted and the interview after it was shown had them literally admit it was all coraled and controlled to get a clean demo, but articles still popped up asking if it was scripted and people attacked anyone who pointed it out. Even when your leads directly tell you the truth people still attack others for showing negativity towards them. I don't care if it was scripted or not but you can't just spread misinformation to others. That's exactly what they mean when they say "overhyped" in this instance.

rainslacker1256d ago

For someone trying so hard to call others immature or shame them as being a piss poor human being, your comment comes across as immature, and your attitude is pretty piss poor.

Also, what does disagreeing with a topic like this have to do with one being a liberal or conservative? Naughty dog is praised almost across the board, so I'm sure regardless of one political slant, I'm sure they could find something to like about the games. Or are you saying that conservatives cant like ND games?

People may not even be offended, as just expressing disagreement is not being offended, just expressing a counter opinion. you think ND is overrated? You didnt bother to mention in your comment

The Wood1256d ago

Often those who shout the loudest that have nothing nutritional to say... All dude is ragging on about if what he believes others base their praise off.......Like nobody played the games. From his words I'd say he feels GOW is overhyped

PrinterMan1256d ago

Different opinions are just fine and welcomed. Baiting articles are not opinion pieces. This article is not opinion it is bait designed to get people in an uproar. Personally, I'm not biting and I will praise whomever I choose.

gobluesamg1256d ago

Marky I'm afraid you just got your ass handed to you.

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Snookies121257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

The quality of Naughty Dog is second to none. Plain and simple. I can't say any of their games make it into my top 5 or possibly even top 10. However, it's clear as day how much work they put into their games. How much attention they have for the smallest details. They are meticulous, and it ALWAYS shows. Even attempting to say they're somehow "overhyped" is laughable. They 100% deserve every bit of their praise. They might not make the type of game you want to play. And that's fine. Doesn't detract from the fact that they're still top-notch on every level.

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