Google Stadia is going to flop and I’m fine with that

You’d never guess it from the complete lack of hype but a brand new video game format is due to launch in exactly one month’s time. It’s not a console but it is a platform that plays its own games, that you have to buy separately just like a console or a PC. That format is Stadia and it was meant to be the future of gaming. But it’s pretty obvious that it’s going to be a footnote at best. Google has finally entered the video games business and they’ve half-assed it in spectacular fashion.

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--bienio--651d ago

Pointless article. We all know it will flop.

CDbiggen651d ago

I'm pretty fine with Google failing too.

NotoriousWhiz651d ago

If Google fails, my life is over. Gotta keep Gmail and Google drive alive. Everything else can go though.

PS4Gamer1984651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

Blah blah another sheep article saying Stadia will fail. No matter how much all you moan and cry and complain, cloud gaming is here to stay and it’s the absolute future.

It benefits everyone. It benefits companies like MS and Sony because they no longer have to invest all the money and effort to make hardware and in turn they can solely focus all their efforts on great software.

It also benefits consumers because we don’t have to worry about upgrading our PCs, buying ugly, loud and bulky consoles, nomore downloads and patches AND being able to literally play anywhere with a connection.

Before you say “but but what about game ownership tho?!?!?!” Want to know what the last physical copy of a game I actually bought was? Uncharted 2 on the PS3. I have been buying digital ever since and haven’t looked back. I don’t care about “owning” games I care about PLAYING them.

If you want further proof on why Stadia, Xcloud and PSnow will be a hit, look no further than the Switch. People want portability and want to play anywhere on the go. Period.

Nyxus651d ago

"Want to know what the last physical copy of a game I actually bought was?"

No, why would we?

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Cyb3r651d ago

Another stadia article another appearance from PS4Gamer1984

MasterCornholio651d ago

Reminds me of VoostKain back on GAF.

NotoriousWhiz651d ago

Game streaming is the future? Maybe. But self driving hovercrafts may also be the future. But I'm certainly not riding in one tomorrow.
Based on our current technological advancements, Stadia will be a degraded experience compared to a bulky noisy console. Maybe in the future, this won't be the case. But this future will not be November.

Parasyte650d ago

Gotta overcome those pesky ISP data caps too.

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Master of Unlocking650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

Yes I'm quite certain it will take off at some point, either with Google Stadia or in some other form, but while it's absolutely on point to say that it is in companies' interest, it's a fallacy to say it's in us consumers' best interest when we'll be made to shell out money for owning absolutely nothing (except a controller, lol). It would be nice if people like you would stop embracing all the money-making schemes all those companies constantly come up with to, well, make more money on our backs.

We now live in a day and age where we have to pay a monthly fee to an ISP to access the internet infrastructure that was built with our taxpayers' money in the first place, we have to pay to play online with a system, a game, and an internet connection we pay for, a growing number of companies demand to have full access to our bank account to directly draw bill/subscription money from it (and it's very seldom the amount that was originally intended), instead of sending us a physical bill and us having the freedom to check if it's right before sending a cheque back ... I mean, where is that taking us?

sickhate650d ago

Very true...ppl just like to disagree with everything...its the future...there is no way to avoid it its just a matter of time. The only reason im not jumping in is the games...they are lacking alot...
But i believe the service will be very very good...the fact that sony has invested more money on streaming and xbox are going also on the wagon its proof...
Dont fool yourselfs...its here to stay...stadia or not streaming will be the future...

gangsta_red650d ago

I look at it as an option for people who want to play games on the go or anywhere for that matter.

I see no issue with Stadia and it actually puzzles me to see a few on here wish for it's demise.

Either wish for it's demise or automatically say it'll fail. If anyone were to apply that same attitude for a game for certain brands you would be met with the harshest criticisms and told to wait for it's release or try it yourself. But since Stadia is some type of threat to the conspiracy community and they have their hearts set on a Judge Dredd future they're automatically condemning Google's entry.

If Stadia takes off, cool, whatever. It's definitely not for me but who knows, i may want this option in the future when traveling to different states or staying somewhere away from home. If Stadia fails, whatever, I will still game on consoles like I have been doing for decades.

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gangsta_red650d ago

"It's not "a few people" it's BY FAR the majority."

On this site, the "majority"? It's not surprising for the echo chamber here but outside this bubble you'll see a different story.

DarXyde650d ago

My friend, you are sorely mistaken. Let me explain to you exactly why it's NOT good for everyone.

Focusing on software exclusively is really not great. Local hardware provides the benefit of ownership, minimal lag, play any time, and peripherals for dedicated hardware. Streaming alleviates storage concerns, but necessitates a recurring subscription to maintain access. Stadia is, in the long run, more expensive than any hardware. As an option, fine. But as the sole means of consumption, absolutely not.

I love how you slipped in there "play anywhere that has a connection." Yes, anywhere with a connection... that can take the user strain of people in, say, a large coffee shop. Imagine competing for bandwidth with people doing important work or on a necessary conference call so you can play Call of Duty. And let's not forget: net neutrality isn't really a full on protection in the massive US market anymore. You think the ISPs are going to miss the opportunity to gouge gamers, especially in areas with a monopoly and all they have to do is dangle a drop in the bucket to any state legislator that can be bought to let them do it? Commendable optimism.

Wanna know the last physical game I bought? Devil May Cry V. What's your point?

Streaming services will be a hit because... Switch? Really? So how successful were PS Move and Kinect after Wii? The desire to play anywhere may be an entirely different conversation if the games are remote instead of local. The portability is a single aspect you're using to defend your assessment. What you ignore is that you don't need an online subscription to use your Switch, you can own physical copies, license digital, and play offline. The most important aspect really is being able to play Nintendo games. These streaming services are not play anywhere. They are play where there are servers, and within that, wherever the input lag doesn't kill your experience and connection speeds are sufficient.

It's not about being sheep. It's about being a consumer with a modicum of insight.

Chaos_Order650d ago

Don't mind me. I'm just keeping a copy of this comment so I have a good, hard laugh once Stadia is reduced to ashes. :)

BlaqMagiq1650d ago

Lmao look at this sheep defending garbage like Stadia. When it fails I will laugh at you while you cry about it.

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