Why Microsoft is investing so heavily in the Age of Empires series

After what felt like a very long nap, the Age of Empires franchise is once again active.

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gangsta_red644d ago (Edited 644d ago )

Let me know when they have an Age of Mythology

Obscure_Observer644d ago

For RTS fans like myself, we will be happy with any RTS game we can get! Mutant Zero was a awesome surprise that i discover via Game Pass and bought the game trought the service with a discount.

But we crave for more! Microsoft is definelly the company that supports RTS games the most! New Halo Wars 3, Gears Tatics. Wasteland 3 and Age of Empires are definelly on my radar!

I can´t wait! :)

SamPao644d ago

There are way bigger RTS companys out there. Not even comaparble :D

Obscure_Observer644d ago


Did you notice that I mentioned 4 *first party* games that I´m looking foward to? Microsoft will support both their first party and third party RTS franchizes! So yes, my point stands; Microsoft is definelly the company that supports RTS games the most!

That goes without mention that Microsoft has 3 first party studios dedicated to RPG games, which makes Microsoft the company (out of the big three) that support RPG games the most!

644d ago
Poopmist644d ago

I assumed it was because Bill Gates likes the series

ArnoDorian644d ago

Age of Empires is the kind of game series I'd play forever.

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