Square-Enix talks about their work squeezing Dragon Quest XI's file size down to fit on Switch

Square-Enix did a lot of work to squeeze Dragon Quest XI S onto the Switch. They managed to take 30 GB PS4 file size and work that down to 13.5 GB on Switch. How in the world did Square-Enix pull that off?

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autobotdan610d ago

They did good work. It's a excellent port

Segata610d ago

They didn't just squeeze down 30GB but they also added a shit ton more content and story. It's truly a remarkable version of a remarkable game.


This I'll be under my tree on Christmas!

King_Noctis610d ago

Get this now. And let Pokemon Shield/Sword be under your Xmas tree instead.

PhoenixUp610d ago

Smaller size yet larger content

It’s great but this new content should be available for every version

franwex610d ago

I was hoping it would explain how they did it, or into more details.

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