Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Survival Mode Trailer Shows Us What's Exclusive to PS4

PlayStation released a Modern Warfare Spec Ops Survival mode trailer that shows us exactly what other players will be missing at launch.

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Bobertt823d ago

Don't be fooled by Activison and these news sites saying there are no loot boxes in MW.

Jin_Sakai823d ago

Don’t think anyone really believes them at this point. I’m still going to play the game though. The campaign looks good and I really enjoyed the MP beta.

TheGamez100822d ago

We all know itll either still be coming or therell be some other bs microtransactions theyll add in just like how they silently did the same with bo4.

Profchaos823d ago

Waved based co op these modes are done to death if that's what got people in an uproar you have to ask were they even going to play this mode in the first place

Hungryalpaca823d ago

I was. So were all my friends. We all cancelled after the announcement. Doesn’t matter who was going to play it. It’s one console getting more content than the other platforms at the same price.

Zombieburger638822d ago

This was a main mode in mw3 and now it's exclusive. F*ck this game.

ocelot07822d ago

Hay glad to hear you sticking to your guns. I did the same with FIFA for a few years when Legends was exclusive to Xbox. As a PS3 player at the time why was I paying the same amount of money for the game as for the Xbox players but getting less content?

Stick to your guns.

Baza822d ago

Good for you. Hit em where it hurts

gamer7804822d ago

It’s also the principle of it, in addition to those already looking forward to playing this mode

isarai822d ago

I wish it were done to death, but besides COD and gears survival mode has pretty much died. I've played many games i wish had a survival mode like Arkham Knight, Sleeping Dogs, Killzone, Uncharted 4(a dedicated survival like u2 not the co-op mixed playlist thingy), DOOM, Wolfenstein 1&2, Rage 2, Nier Automata, and many more, but devs just dont do it for whatever reason

CDbiggen822d ago

A Doom survival mode would be so awesome :'(

PhoenixUp822d ago

What’s a Wii tag doing in this article?

Donnie81822d ago

The wii used to have some better than expected cod mp

PhoenixUp822d ago

So did PS3 & 360.

This isn’t about old games it’s about the upcoming new one

BLow822d ago

The same people complaining year after year and COD will still sell millions and probably be the highest selling game all year. Don't like the game, then you have plenty others to choose from. This same song and dance every year is getting really old.

TheColbertinator822d ago

Activision is pissing off the PC market