Walmart breaks Animal Crossing : City Folk street date

prncssmelissa, A member of Animal Crossing Community has just reported that her Walmart has just sold her a copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk, which is due out November 16th.
She has also graciously supplied pictures as proof.

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Imallvol75195d ago

Um . . . YAY . .. . you got . . . er . . Animal Crossing early. How exciting.

Product5194d ago

hey for someone that loves this game it would be big news to them.Dont hate.

Sarcasm5194d ago

Yeah just like Wii Music.

There were riots for that one.

Durffen5194d ago

I loved the past Animal Crossings, but I think I've grown out of them a bit, so I don't plan on purchasing them. I do plan on purchasing Wii Speak though.

Nintendo is probably gonna have a word with Wal-Mart. Which probably involve the back hand of Reggie.

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