Insomniac Games Celebrates Sony Acquisition By Partying the Night Away

It's been exactly two months since Sony acquired Marvel's Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games, but it appears that the team at the Burbank campus has only just gotten around to celebrating the purchase properly. The studio has put on a special team lunch for all employees, with the likes of PlayStation's Mark Cerny and Shuhei Yoshida in attendance.

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ShinjukuSon540d ago

Would love to be there. Food looks good too. I used have Shuhei on PS3 his ID was yosp. Got a new account and his friends list became full lol.

Jin_Sakai540d ago

This is how a studio purchase should be. Having a very close relationship and considering each other family.

Can’t wait for Spider-Man 2, Ratchet & Clank, and if we’re lucky a new Resistance game.

DaDrunkenJester540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

As much as I'd love a new Ratchet and new Resistance, I'd love to what their brilliant minds come up with next after Sunset and Spidey with a new IP.

Spidey 2 is a must tho for sure Haha

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TOTSUKO539d ago

Brand new Ratchet and Clank with Ray Tracing would be amazing

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ShinjukuSon540d ago

Damn every employee got a free PS4 Pro with Spiderman GOTY edition. Must have been quite expensive.

DaDrunkenJester540d ago

Probably not even a dent compared to the actual acquisition Haha

mogwaii540d ago

What? Do you think that would have thrilled them? Like they wouldn't already have one or be able to afford one if they wanted one?
It's insulting.

Elda539d ago

Everyone there is getting paid well & one would figure most of the staff there has a Pro already. I agree the gifts should have been something different & nice.

phoenixwing539d ago (Edited 539d ago )

tbh everyone should have gotten a ps5 dev kit or something like that, hopefully they give out ps5's when it releases

DaDrunkenJester540d ago

Match made in heaven. Cant wait to see Spidey 2 and whatever new IP this great studio comes up with.

PCgamer98540d ago

Can't believe it took sony a long time to acquire them since they've been making games for sony since the ps1 era.

ocelot07539d ago

They tried in the past I believe. But they wanted to stay intendant. Not sure why they decided to take up Sony's offer now. But hey if it means more Spider Man, Resistance, VR titles, Ratcher & Clank then am happy.

Kiwi66539d ago

Because they didn't want to be brought by anyone

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The story is too old to be commented.