I Miss Playstation Home. Am I Alone? Sit Down, Let’s Reminisce.

If you own and play PlayStation, you’re part of a community whether you acknowledge and like it or not. During the beginning of the last generation of consoles we were given PlayStation Home as a free application. This was a new concept, we’ve never seen this before on a console.

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gangsta_red1443d ago

Playstation Home definitely had some good ideas. I like how some companies had themes in that world that your avatar could visit and play around in. Having your own home with items you collected from games was cool too. But all in all it was just a burden and not convenient to get to. That and the whole strange Second Life vibe where dudes pretend to be women and the men there who actually believe they're women following them around trying to run some lame gab on them was nothing but some serious cringe.

It could have been something cool if Sony would have let that company just make it just be a Second Life clone type thing and nothing else.

darthv721443d ago

Home was a neat concept. I think, with the advent of VR, they could bring it back and add in more first person experiences like maybe a theme park with rides and games to win prizes. Riding in bumper cars in VR would be cool, especially if they had some sort of feedback vest you wore to feel the impact. I believe Sony has been working on wearable tech to add more immersion to VR.

gangsta_red1443d ago

Some really cool ideas. It would definitely work with VR.

ilikestuff1443d ago

Home was pretty cool for being free at the time, the vr thing would be awesome. I don’t think it was amazing or anything but it was definitely a cool extra thing

poleerollee1442d ago

PlayStation Home? no thank you.

mikeslemonade1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

It was too ambitious for the PS3 hardware. I had some fun in it but I don’t miss it. It was too slow and glitchy.

T2X1442d ago

I would be on board with something like that day 1. I always thought it was cool, but such a wasted opportunity. I envisioned, that you could go into the virtual stores and buy items and have them really be delivered to your home. Sort of like a virtual Amazon marketplace. Also, the movie theater could have real movies like at a real cinema and you pay real money and watch it with people in the virtual space. I think now, the infrastructure exists to really support something like this in VR. In the future definitely.

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ABizzel11443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

To be honest it's a great concept, but it needs its implementation revamped and simplified.

Reduce the graphics to a more suitable artstyle that doesn't require as much server work or processing power, and keep each world theme on individual servers to allow significantly reduced loading, and create game worlds / publisher spaces.

Like the EA arena was a good concept, but there should be a NBA streets mini game for your avatar, a Madden streets, Fifa Streets, and a Ready To RUmble style boxing games.

That would make it better.

gangsta_red1443d ago

Another great idea.

I think Home for current consoles and even next gen would definitely work a lot better than it did for PS3.

rainslacker1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I think a lot of the performance issues were because of it needing more memory than the PS3 afforded for such things. Graphics quality surely could have been reduced, as social media hubs don't really rely on amazing graphics to keep people engaged.

What's sad about it's removal from PS is that a lot of Sony's community features this gen would have been awesome additions to the social hub. Like arcades for playing with other players, or watching streams in a movie type setting.

bakihiv1442d ago

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husomc1443d ago

I have memories of watching E3 in the cinema in PS Home

Jin_Sakai1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

The slow loading between areas in Home was a huge problem. That could likely be completely eliminated with PS5 and the custom SSD. Home could really come alive next gen. It would be nice if they added the ability to play with PlayStation characters instead of humans.

I’d love to see Home return but I doubt we’ll ever see that day come.

Sunny_D1442d ago

Slow loading was one of the reasons I gave up on PS home. I could give a 2nd go if the download times are reduced.

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lodossrage1443d ago

I have to admit, I miss PS HOME.

If it wasn't for HOME, I would have never gotten that KZ2 platinum since that's where I met and formed a group to play

ShinjukuSon1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I feel really nostalgic about. Loved the vibes and the atmosphere it was so cosy. The bowling alley, the pool club, the shopping centres etc.

lodossrage1442d ago

Yeah HOME was actually pretty cool with all their different themed environments. What killed it was the long load times.

PhoenixUp1443d ago

I enjoyed PlayStation Home, it was an acquired taste

AK911443d ago

I personally was never a fan but it did have a dedicated fanbase, so it would be cool if they brought it back for PS5.

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