Death Stranding Actor Pleads With Press Not To Spoil The Game

With Death Stranding on the way in a matter of weeks, it stands to reason some info is going to leak. Because that's normally how these things go.

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ShinjukuSon1503d ago

Damn makes me even more hyped. You just know this game is gonna get spoiled the shit out of.

chrisx1503d ago

I read all the legit spoilers, all i gotta say is, its gonna be another kojima masterpiece no doubt. And alot of great surprises too, gameplay and storywise.

criticalkare1503d ago

Wow even hearing that makes me more excited about the game thanks not spoiling what you saw

Veneno1503d ago

MGS 5 was by no means a masterpiece. But it was under crazy circumstances working against Konami at the time of departure. PT is my fav horror game of all time so I hope DS is full of Kojima magic. Even though I have been mostly skeptical.

rainslacker1502d ago

I'd worry more about forum goers than I would the press.

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Traecy1503d ago

They're not going to listen.

ClayRules20121503d ago

Indeed, they won’t listen. And that’s a darn shame.

THC CELL1503d ago

Why not sue em easy if they do

Applejack1503d ago

They can’t do that unless there’s an embargo and even that’s only for reviews.

OldGuyStillGaming1503d ago

Definitely stay away from YouTube

criticalkare1503d ago

Yes way they spoil by their thumbnail....

Movefasta19931503d ago

youtube has spoiled sooooo many f'ing games for me lol

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After 3 years, Death Stranding players discover a boss will bite your ear off if you refuse to fight

Over three years after it originally launched, Death Stranding players are only just finding out that it's possible to lose an ear in a boss fight.

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closed_account126d ago

Lol, Higgs going to get a tribal tattoo on his face to go along with that poetry on his forehead after that move! 😂

Vithar126d ago

lol Holyfield, kojima is crazy man

EternalTitan125d ago

Normal gamers: Great detail!
People who know Kojima: Koji being a Koji.


Death Stranding Is Proof Not All Games Need Boss Fights

DualShockers Writes "Boss fights have been with us since the earliest days of gaming. Way back in 1975, gamers were introduced to the concept by a little-known title called The Game of Dungeons, a Dungeons & Dragons-style RPG for the PLATO system (Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations, in case anyone was wondering) that featured an encounter with The Golden Dragon, which players had to defeat in order to claim a magic orb and win the game."

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