New Death Stranding Trailer Showcases both Gameplay and Gorgeous Cutscenes

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan released a new trailer of Hideo Kojima's upcoming game, Death Stranding for PlayStation 4.

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NarutoFox541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

Looks good 😃

xX-oldboy-Xx541d ago

All the awesome bits shown so far in one trailer! How can anyone not be excited for something new? Nice 8th will by HUGE - the wait is excruciating.

mrmikew2018541d ago

Was this the launch trailer?

generic-user-name541d ago

No, that one is yet to drop, that one will be Kojima's last one, this one was made by Sony I believe.

ShinjukuSon541d ago

Nice, but we've already seen most of this.

ramiuk1541d ago

ive nop idea what any of that said but that trailer made the game look really good and ive had little to no intrest tbh

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The story is too old to be commented.