Modern Warfare Day One Update Is Bad News For Retail Buyers

Call of Duty has increasingly shifted to games as a service model and this is not making it easy to be a retail buyer. Modern Warfare is no different here.

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Newmanator457d ago

Every move they make is to reduce the Second Hand market. There’s this and there’s the special bonus gun package you get for preordering Digital only.
This is their strategy to offset any loss in microtransaction sales this time around.

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ilikestuff457d ago

Digital should be cheaper, with the disc, they have to get all those materials, disc, case, and the like, then they have pay someone to package them, then to ship the product to the stores for sale, digital should be 5 to 10 bucks cheaper I’d say, yea digital is convenient but when u switch systems u lose them, i gots hundreds of dollars on ps3 games that I can’t redownload on my ps4, well I can’t redownload them for free. Same game but pay twice

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xTonyMontana456d ago

^^^ Isn't that what my PS Plus subscription is for?

JackBNimble456d ago

Storage on a huge server farm ?
When I buy digital it's downloaded and stored on my console, I don't know wtf you're talking about.

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steven83r456d ago

Pretty sure all those games aren't stored on server farms. Way too much data. Physical cost way too much to produce, pack, ship and purchasing floor space. If they want more people to adopt digital they are going to lower the cost as you technically never really own the product and can't sell or trade it.

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xTonyMontana456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

I never thought of it like that before, day one updates trying to get more people to go digital. Makes sense though. Ironic really because here in the UK digital is always the RRP but thanks to pricing wars with retailers all out trying to undercut each other, the physical are usually considerably cheaper than digital. Do you want to pay £55 or £60 for the convenience of going digital or pay under £45 for the physical copy for example.


And a quick check, MW £59.99 digital when my main online store (ShopTo) is selling it for £44.85

GtPawnSacrifices456d ago

Same here in Australia.
Usual RRP for any new release AAA game since the NES has been $99
But now you can grab the same game for $68 ($46 u.s) if you buy it on a disk.

ramiuk1456d ago

i account share with my mate.
we got £60 worth of psn for £51 and bough modern warfare between us at £25.50 each :)
same with all our psvr games and that.

OldGuyStillGaming457d ago

I noticed mine was preloading on my ps4 last night
It had like 6 different downloads
At least I know it’ll be ready to play by 9 pm 10/24
I hope Outer Worlds starts preloading on ps4 soon too

ramiuk1456d ago

what you mean preloading?
mione still has a countdown timer but nothing is downloading onto my console

OldGuyStillGaming453d ago

The timer means that’s when the game unlocks and will be ready to play.
When you see the actual game tab on your home screen that means it’s already downloaded.
I seen mine download because it downloaded in 6 different phases

DigitalHope457d ago

This article is about 6 years too late.

Platformgamer457d ago

retail buyers of this game are a bad news themself

xTonyMontana456d ago

Many people still have slow internet connections and are held back by their local technology constraints. I live in a city and in a central location minutes away from all the major shops, bars, clubs, takeaways, restaurants etc yet itt was only 1 and a half years ago that I was able to buy fibre for a reasonable price and have had to suffer with 800kbps max download speeds beforehand, at those speeds I was discouraged from going digital because it's not fun buying a game and having to wait until the following evening to play the game because one and a half days was the average time it took me to download a single game.

Moves like this really hurt people who were in my position. Worse than waiting a day or two to be able to play a game is buying a retail copy, putting the disc in then having to wait until the following evening to play it anyway thanks to the ridiculous day one patch.

steven83r456d ago

I still buy physical because of ability to resale and lend games to friends. I have the fastest internet Spectrum in my area offers, 400Mbps and it's brutal downloading games to PS4. They just need to allow pre-downloading of day 1 patches ahead of time to physical owners.

Platformgamer455d ago

i think you misunderstood my comment.
i should've edited the comment by saying "just buyers of this game"
call of duty shouldn't be purchased, phisically or digitally is the same shit

Dragonscale456d ago

More like the defenders of this are the real bad news tbh.

xTonyMontana456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Well if I was buying a retail copy of it, I'd want be to be warned in advance when I'm going to have download a 40gb update when I put the disc in my console. I imagine this is especially important for those with slow internet connections or have a monthly download cap on their connection.

yoshatabi456d ago

Why? Nowadays it's a given. Most games are like these

xTonyMontana456d ago

Not really, day one patches are common place, most are reasonable sizes that are under 5gb, that's a big difference to 40gb.

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