If the Switch Can Handle Witcher 3, Why Not These Other 4 Open World Games?

Zhiqing writes: "The Witcher 3 runs surprisingly well on Switch, and if that game can do it, here are four other big open world games we want on the console as well."

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SeanScythe611d ago

open world vs segmented open world. Its not that open world, there are big areas but those have invisible walls on their sides. so this isn't like skyrim where you can go anywhere in the whole world. Also, you can only fast travel from fast travel posts

Neonridr611d ago

but Skyrim is on the Switch..

SeanScythe611d ago

Skyrim is on everything lol, it's not the same as GTA5 or MGS:PP

_SilverHawk_611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

The witcher 3 on switch is rubbish and performs badly. The game looks very blurry and the performance is really poor. A lot of people have been making excuses for this game on the switch especially nes fanatics but potential buyers should know exactly how this game is and dont let anyone tell them it looks good or even close. I thought the xbox and ps4 versions of the witcher 3 looked bad but the switch version is just unacceptably bad imo. The game has a lot of pop ins, aliasing, blurry graphics, poor frame rate and it cost full price. People should watch a few previews about this game on switch before they buy and if they can tolerate all the faults then they can make their decision to get it but it's so bad imo it's not worth it to waste money on such a bad port. I dont understand porting games to a system that cant handle it and having the quality lowered so much that it's not even close to the original release. To each his own. People should try to play it first or look about videos first.

King_Noctis610d ago


“ A lot of people have been making excuses for this game on the switch especially nes fanatics”

Lmao. What are you talking about man?

Neonridr610d ago

@SeanScythe - sorry, in your original post you tried to pass off the Witcher not being open world compared to a game like Skyrim, somehow acting like Skyrim would be too much for the Switch since you can travel the entire world. I was just pointing out that Skyrim is on the Switch, so clearly open world wouldn't be a problem so to speak.

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deafdani610d ago

GTA V originally released for PS3 and XBox 360. Switch can run it just fine.

DarkZane610d ago

The Witcher 3 might be on Switch, but it looks terrible and perform badly. CD Projeck might have been ok to make their game ugly so it could be actually playable on Switch, but I don't think every developers wants to. GTA 5 and MGS5 could be ported to Switch because they were on PS3 and 360, but that doesn't mean it will happen. Especially GTA5, with all the updates, the game is too big and you'd have to force people to get a microSD card.

It's only gonna get worst when the PS5 and next Xbox release btw. Third party ports will be even more rare when those release.

King_Noctis610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

I don’t know where people got the idea that it performs “badly”. Sure, it might not look that good, but the performance is good for the hardware that is is on. Hell, even Digital Foundry said below:

“ Overall, Saber and CDPR hit an impressive bar of quality here. Clearly, performance can vary, but on balance it holds 30ps more often than I expected. ”

You should do some research, just because it is on the Switch that doesn’t automatically mean it run like sh*t, because it doesn’t.

eddvdm610d ago

3 words:

AK91610d ago

Well for one thing it can't handle Witcher 3 and for another Konami are too lazy to make a port for MGSV or pay another studio to make a port but GTA 5 can be done easily.

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