Watch the 4K 60 Frames-Per-Second Trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 PC

Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC brings the epic story of Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang to life in breathtaking new ways – with no shortage of dazzling technical enhancements that deliver deeper immersion.

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_SilverHawk_553d ago

Looks amazing. This should have been released a long time ago. I can't wait to play it

nowitzki2004553d ago

They would lose some sales from PC gamer's that have consoles... Like me

ProjectVulcan553d ago

PC gamers will only re-buy the game knowing how they can experience it on another level. Rockstar know this, since they did exactly the same thing with GTA5.

Fast forward a few years and GTA5 sold masses on PC, is still extremely popular in the community, chock full of mods and interesting online experiences. RDR2 will end up the same.

SkatterBrain552d ago

I Hope they Make This 60fps like they should've made GTA5 on the Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X

552d ago
SkatterBrain552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

Seriously Whats with the Effin Disagrees? i never saw any Pro Enhancements to GTA5 on PS4 Pro , You People Are Disagreeing they should use that extra power for something ? Sheep Baaah Baaaaah!!

mikeslemonade552d ago

And how many of you peasants here can actually play it at 4k 60 frames like me?

nowitzki2004552d ago

Mike, will you ever grow up?

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552d ago
Marcello553d ago

The new benchmark for PC.

NarutoFox552d ago

WOW it looks amazing! PC for life!!!

bishup25552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

looks very good. more sharper detail on pc for sure.

SkatterBrain552d ago

Cant Wait for it to Look like this when i pop it into my PS5 , ohh wait you dont want that because you spent $2000+ to make your gaming pc and want to feel it was justified , why are PC Gamers always disagreeing that these graphics could be close to what the next gen is capable of?

nowitzki2004552d ago

Looking at couple of your comments just in this section, maybe you should lay off commenting.

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553d ago
V10Elit3x553d ago

I might get it on PC when I know I can run this game easy. The system specs isnt high at all!

ProjectVulcan553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

It's a game designed for 6 year old consoles. Therefore running it well is not going to be at all difficult, as the minimum specs make clear.

CPU: i5 2500k - came out nearly 9 years ago
GPU: GTX770 - came out 6 and a half years ago

If you have a 4670k and a GTX970 from five years ago it'll cruise this game.

V10Elit3x553d ago

Have a i7 8700K clocked at 4.88ghz and GTX 1080ti 11GB so I need to try RDR2 out!

FlyingFoxy553d ago

You generally want at least near, or above recommended specs with games, I'd think my 980Ti from 2015 should run it decently at 1440p though.. Whether I'd get 100+ fps with my high hz screen is another thing, i doubt it. Guessing it would run surprisingly well tho. I've recently upgraded to a Ryzen 3700x so CPU isn't going to be a problem at least.

Rumours of a new Half Life coming soon will definitely push me to a new GPU when Nvidia release their 3000 series too.

Count_Bakula552d ago

Oh wow really? Was worried with i5 4670 & 1070. Figured since I had to do medium settings on Control to make it smooth, prob would have to do same for RD.

ProjectVulcan553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

Clowns yesterday: God of war is the best looking game ever! Nothing on PC beats it at all! 1080p and 30FPS!

Today: Native 4K RDR2 with way higher than than Xbox One X quality settings at double the framerate

Me: lulz at clowns.

Seriously 60FPS alone will transform this game. It felt so slow and controls so unresponsive on 30FPS consoles. Halving the response time or possibly even better will make everything look and feel so much snappier and smoother.

Movefasta1993553d ago

I still think rdr2 on consoles is technically the best looking game considering it's open world.

iplay1up2553d ago

It is amazing looking on X1X, but it isn't fun!

ProjectVulcan553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

It's a very impressive technical feat that is about to get the level of hardware performance it deserved, much like the GTA5 release on PC. The engine can be unleashed to see it's full potential now. Who doesn't want to see that?

Profchaos552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

I'd agree gow was semi open but it only had to load paths and a hub essentially rdr2 seems to be a more traditional open world and I'm sure the slower pace of the game compared to GTA allows them to load more detail into the immediate as opposed to flying around in a jet like GTA.

Surprisingly when you actually get to fly a balloon the level of detail of the world up high is still extremely detailed.

Hands down it's the most graphically impressive title on this generation easily.

cfc83553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

You: 'today'

Stadia: pinches nose and tries not to laugh

Computersaysno553d ago

People hate being told the truth

Applejack553d ago

No, people hate unnecessary trolling when you can make your point without it. I thought that would be obvious but here we are.

Computersaysno553d ago

It seems like just the truth to me.

This video alone outstrips anything I have seen on any console. It's not a sentence most here would want to read and they would certainly cry about it as much as possible given half the chance.

Doesn't make it any less true and people hate that.

iplay1up2553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

What are you talking about? X1X runs the game in NATIVE 4K, with HDR. The only difference is the framerate on PC, and some tweaks! The pro couldn't do native 4K. No matter, the game is boring. Red Dead 1 (which is Xbox One X enhanced to 4K) and Grand Theft Auto 5 are MUCH more FUN. By the way, yes it is going to look even better on PC, but again it's not fun!

ProjectVulcan553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

PC will double the framerate and increase setting quality across the board. The video clearly showcases settings well beyond the Xbox One X version.

Most importantly doubling the frame rate will be the best thing that ever happened to this game's controls for responsiveness. A mere 1080p 60FPS will make the whole thing far more enjoyable.

spicelicka553d ago

What the hell is a PC anyway? An Xbox and PS4 are just PC parts assembled for gaming. You have PC's that can run this at 4k/60FPS, and you have PC's that can barely run League of legends. There is no centralized consistent "PC" platform, so your remarks are redundant. All games are made on PCs anyway so again your comments are redundant. You're also paying 2-4 times more than a console for a powerful PC so it would be pathetic if it couldn't run games with better graphics.

The arguments are never "Nothing on PC beats it at all", sounds like fanboy PC master race drivel to conjure up a redundant argument like yours.

The argument is usually about optimization and whether a game is even on PC. God of war was one of the best looking games when it came out considering it's performance and optimization and the fact that you could run it on a $250 device. You could always run any game better on a $1000 PC...but you're paying $1000 and it's likely that devs haven't ported the game well so it's full of bugs, or the game doesn't even exist on PC, like RDR2 didn't until now.

ProjectVulcan553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

Your entire post is absolutely ridiculous. This wasn't some philosophical question about 'what is a PC?' That makes no sense. Irrelevant!

The point was the ridiculous discussion about PC in the PS5 topic the other day, where it was claimed by many people a 1080p 30FPS console game was better looking than anything ever seen on PC. Literally no PC game on the platform ever looked better. This was a real claim, made by actual users on this site!

Oh I beg to differ, very much so. Just watch this video to end that preposterous type of console fanboy claim entirely.

ABizzel1553d ago


What you say is true, but as ProjectVulcan said, the amount of ignorance in that discussion was sickening.

There were PlayStation gamers literally saying God of War looked better than any game on console or PC...PERIOD.

And that's simply not true, as I gave several examples of games that look close to GoW, as good as GoW, or flat-out better due to higher-end PC hardware, and they were still arguing against it even knowing a PC can deliver over 8x the performance of a base PS4.

Here's the foolery if you want to see for yourself (starts @shaggy2303 comment)

spicelicka553d ago


I don't disagree with that, fanboys often say stupid ignorant things, and Sony fanboys are one of the worst here. Without knowing anything about that discussion ProjectVulcan's comment also sounded like fanboy BS though.

DerfDerf553d ago

Its not way higher though

mkis007552d ago

3000 people developed the game vs 300 people, what do you expect.

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