Honest Gamers: Xenogears retro review

Rob Hamilton writes:

"Still, regardless of its flaws, I still have positive emotions about Xenogears. Hell, the simple act of writing this review has provided a strong temptation for me to drop the umpteen games I'm soldiering through to pick this one up again just to experience its high points one more time. Maybe the story gets overly complicated, maybe the second disc is little more than a movie where you sporadically control the action and maybe a good deal of the fighting was dull, but when I think about Xenogears, those aren't the main things that occupy my mind. I remember Grahf seducing one villain after another with the promise of immense power. I remember Ramsus' obsessive desire to defeat Fei in order to prove he isn't "trash". I remember engaging in one dramatic fight after another in order to save a city marked for destruction by the imperial forces. Flawed or not, this game has enough memorable moments to make it well worth playing."

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Miraak82 3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

is by far my favorite RPG of all time , I wish it was made into an anime with guys from evangelion to do the animation since their the ones who did the cut scenes in the game. This game has by far the most original and best story I have ever experienced in all of film ,games, and anime (with the exception of Evangelion and berserk) . it too bad we'll prolly never see anything from the series again. its a shame it had so much potential to be so much more. the fights were nice ,the gears to play in are bada$$,and the music is just memorable. To all rpg lovers out the if you've never played this game I highly recommend it