GP: Ninjatown Review

Zach Potts writes:

"Overall, Ninjatown is a really decent real-time strategy game, especially for younger gamers. There were only a few levels that gave me any real difficulty though, making me replay them countless times, until they said, "You should try easy mode", and I did; however, once you become better and get more items to use, you can replay levels and go for a higher ranking. There is even some multiplayer you can play around with for more entertainment. The pacing of the game is great and there are lots of ninja and enemy types to use and fight, and because of the pacing, throughout the first half of the game, you will see something new each level, which keeps you interested in hopes of getting something cool the next round. The story is pretty kiddy, but the dialogue gets a few laughs here and there and it most definitely doesn't take itself seriously. The graphics are simple, but nice, and you'll love having your wee-little ninjas beat the crap out of everything. If you are a fan of the genre, then this is a great game to pick up for the DS."

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