Devil May Cry and Resident Evil Are Now "Major Brands" For Capcom

Capcom now considers Devil May Cry, which was once a niche series for them, as one of their major brands along with Resident Evil.

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masterfox647d ago

What!?, Good job Capcom, you just displayed yourself how damn clueless you are, seriously why until now they start considering Devil May Cry or RE as major brands?, this are damn huge franchises since the PS2 and PS1, same goes for Monster Hunter on the PS4 is also a major brand, also to name a few Dinocrisis, Omnimusha , Darkstalkers, lots of fighting games like Rival Schools are major brands but it seems Capcom just don't like money, oh well.

neutralgamer1992647d ago

Man atleast Capcom isn't being greedy lately. I hope they stay 😎 and keep making awesome games

Asura wrath remaster

J-DARKnes647d ago

They have completely forgotten about rival schools, I was hoping for a project Justice remastered but that will never happen.

SamPao647d ago

I guess you are the clueless guy by just relying on the title of an article, just read it and you will see that THIS TITLE is BS AND They always considered dmc and Resident evil as major brands.....

its a clickbait title and a shitty article.

DarXyde646d ago

Dino Crisis was great, but kind of redundant next to Resident Evil. If they do enough to showcase a newfound divergence, I say great. But if they bring it back to mimic RE's direction, I cannot say that's a good move.

FallenAngel1984647d ago

Resident Evil is Capcom’s most successful franchise. They obviously already considered it to be major brand.

Devil May Cry has also been a very prominent series for Capcom for a long time.

UltraNova647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

Both IPs are No 1 & 2 in total Capcom IP sales since their debut.

Some times I wonder if these guy's know what the hell they are talking about...

FallenAngel1984647d ago

While Resident Evil is their #1 most successful franchise, Devil May Cry is not their #2 most successful franchise

1.) Resident Evil - 92 million
2.) Monster Hunter - 55 million
3.) Street Fighter - 43 million
4.) Mega Man - 35 million
5.) Devil May Cry - 20 million

DMC as a franchise still sold well enough to be considered a big brand for Capcom even before DMC5. It’s in their top 5 most successful series for a reason.

zodiac909647d ago

Did it take the head of Capcom 20 years to realize that Resident Evil was a "Major Brand..."???

647d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.