CyberConnect2's Secret Game Based on Established IP Will Be Announced in The "Near Future"

CyberConnect 2 is working on a secret game based on an established IP, and apparently they're confident that it'll be revealed soon enough.

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Snookies12952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

Bleach "Ninja Storm" type game, that's what I'm hoping for. Even if they did get pretty lazy with the last few entries of the Ninja Storm series. Still had its great moments, especially during boss battles.

Abriael952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

They already said Bleach isn't in their plans.

Snookies12952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

Ah, you're right. I don't know why I was thinking that was said more than 2 months ago. I figured they might have had a change of plans, but it was pretty recently stated. I can still hold out hope they were just trying to throw us off, yeah? I just want a good Bleach game. The series deserves it. Heat the Soul was good, I just want something on consoles though.

Abriael952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

That's very unlikely. They picked up that question about Bleach on their own initiative, and I seriously, seriously doubt they decided to answer a specific question only to outright lie about it. That's normally a no no, even more so in Japan.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Bleach has died out a lot in Japan, so that ship may have sailed :(

rainslacker951d ago

Wasn't there a rumor that a new .Hack game was being made? Or is my timing off and that was the one that released a few years ago?

XxSPIDEYxX951d ago

These guys have been working a lot. Still waiting on Asuras Wrath 2.