November 2019 PS Plus Free Games Predictions

Usually one larger AAA and a smaller indie title make the free games list for PS Plus every month. While the official list for November 2019 has yet to be released, here are some predictions as to what those games might be based on Sony's past choices and some outside factors.

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locomorales1256d ago

Trying to be fair, this kind of article is more a wish list than a prediction list.

Being realistic, it's a guess with no parameters whatsoever.

rainslacker1254d ago

Always has been, and wonder why they're even allowed to be posted. They offer nothing, and are always wrong. The one time I recall them getting one game right, was probably just dumb luck.

sushimama1255d ago

These are the WORST types or articles on N4G

Sgt_Slaughter1255d ago

This and the PS5/Scarlett "anonymous developer" articles from Gaming Bolt are seriously pointless, I agree

REDGUM1255d ago

Lol, you're gonna keep saying every month that your prediction for Res Evil 7 will be in the list till it does eventually turn up.
That being said....... I'm keen to give it a whirl.

Last/this month's TLOU is getting a 3rd playthrough now.

1255d ago
RiPPn1255d ago

My guess is a shitty sports title and a AAA that everyone already owns.

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