Death Stranding File Size Revealed, Here's a Look at the Title Screen

Contrary to earlier reports which stated the size would be 55GB, a new screenshot confirms that the game will weigh in at 48GB! Here's a look at the title screen.

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ShinjukuSon570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

Looks fucking dope. The atmosphere looks so eery and realistic at the same time. Love it.

Nitrowolf2570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

The wait, its so close yet so far
Least we got a few games before then

fiveby9569d ago

Ordered a copy yesterday. Extremely rare I pre-order any games but between how good this game looks and an expiring store discount I figured better get it. I've been keeping away from any story spoilers.

gamesftw250570d ago

that title screen tho *drools*

theshredded570d ago

The dead whales make it eery. I absolutely love the atmosphere.

xxShadow-Shockxx570d ago

any body have any concerns with this game?

Nyxus570d ago

Nah, not really. It won't be for everyone but that's ok.

xxShadow-Shockxx570d ago

Im very interested in this game, my only concern is that this will suffer from open world fatigue and go the route of using repetitive side quests and side activities, i hope not tho because this game has so much potential

KickSpinFilter570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

Absolutely, but I'll see if the reviews are over all great or terrible.
If they are all over the place like 95's & 65's it's gonna be a great game, will just prove it's just not for everyone.

xxShadow-Shockxx570d ago

Im rooting for it cause it looks awesome

excaliburps570d ago

Given it's a Kojima game, expect scores to be polarizing. I just know that some publications will have a non-Kojima fan review his game for TeH viEwz.

569d ago
xxShadow-Shockxx569d ago

how is it that i got so many disagrees for asking a question?

TK-66569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

This is N4G. Anything remotely negative directed towards anything even slightly associated with Sony will be met with a higher amount of disagrees. Consider it a badge of honor for not being part of the echo chamber.

xxShadow-Shockxx569d ago

The funny thing is I'm a Playstation only gamer, I prefer Playstation but I was just genuinely curious on whether or not any one had any concerns.

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Clover904570d ago

Goddammit, im not strong enough to not click on these spoilers. So hyped for this game.

skwidd570d ago

Looks like Garbage, like that phantom of a game. What a gyp

570d ago
xX-oldboy-Xx570d ago

We have another name to add to the list of Death Stranding haters. Chill Winston - you don't need to play it.

cochise313569d ago

troll shave no choice because they get half baked exclusives and want to hate.

skwidd570d ago

Not a troll, my opinion. Fan of MGS since the PS1 days. Kojima supporter most of my life. Sang his praises. Woke up one day after finishing Phantom pain and realized I was delusional for thinking that game was acceptable. If there's a troll, and a bad one at it, it's mister Kojima. I hope he proves me wrong but it may be that all you guys are still at where I used to be, delusional. Time will tell. Good luck! ;)

M3th569d ago Show
snake-OO569d ago

You gonna put the blame on Kojima for not finishing phantom pain the way he wanted to, knowing full well it was Konami who locked him out from finishing the game.

skwidd569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

@snake-OO Not blaming him for anything, stating my opinion and yeah, he's the director so he's responsible. That's what the director is for. As for Konami, it's just stories of he said she said so neither you nor I know. You have the right to love Kojima, just take it easy on me. Can't I have a reasonable opinion that doesn't align with current expectations? Sorry to be the downer but who cares about my opinion and why should you?

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