Analogue Pocket Announced: Stylish Handheld Will Play All Game Boy Games, Ever.

The makers of the Mega Sg and Super Nt now want you to be able to play every Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance game on one little device.

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Neonridr651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

as an owner of previous Analogue products (Super NT, Mega SG) I can say these things are amazingly built and are as close to the real deal to the original hardware as you are going to get (save for owning the original hardware). That being said, while I had a strong interest for the console variants they released, I highly doubt I would ever sit and play any number of Game Boy, Color, Advance games to warrant a purchase like this. Seems like it would just be sitting collecting dust for the most part.

DarXyde650d ago

I would say it's worth it to revisit Super Mario Advance, the Sonic Advanced series, and the early Pokemon games alone, honestly.

Neonridr650d ago

fair enough, I am not saying there aren't some great games to play, I just can't see myself using the unit itself. I do love their other systems though, these guys really know their stuff and make high quality products.

darthv72651d ago

This is the first Analogue product I can get behind. Nothing wrong with their specialized systems for SNES and Genesis but I like the idea that this one will support a wide range of games from 4 different companies across 7 various platforms. GB, GBC, GBA, NGP, NGPC, GG and Lynx.

Count me in.

Neonridr650d ago

it is cool that it will support the various adapters to allow you to enjoy all these different games.

Sgt_Slaughter650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

For reference, if you were to upgrade a GBC and a GBA to full backlit displays like this one has and rechargeable batteries w/ USB-C ports, then you are near or over the $200 mark and those involve modifying the cases and soldering parts and what not.

Analogue is one of the best companies for non-official hardware and I hope they make hardware for N64 and maybe disc based systems like the Saturn so we can preserve those systems for years to come.

KeenBean345650d ago

Definitely want this, if this does what they say then it's a must own for collectors

EddieNX 650d ago

Still got my SP and still works brilliantly. What a beautiful, solid little handheld it is.

This looks nice but I'm good.

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