GamesRadar: Gears of War 2: Multiplayer Maps

GamesRadar writes: "Gears of War 2 is a game about using cover, guns and chainsaws - but not necessarily in that order. Sure, you can blast your way through most of the campaign using the latter two elements of gameplay. And with a few lucky Torque Bow shots, we're sure you'll have no problem. But to curb-stompingly dominate a multiplayer match, you'll need to really know what you're doing.

And the best way to know what's going on in Gears? You have to know the maps. Learn every twist, each nook and cranny of cover and, most importantly, every weapon location, and you'll be pasting locust brains to the floor in no time. To help you get an edge, we've mapped out all ten of the new levels for you to study and created a link to all the maps on a printable black and white page."

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