PlayStation Now Will Come to PS5; Sony Aims to Further Improve Tech and Software

Yasuhiro Osaki from Sony Interactive Entertainment's Network talks about PlayStation Now and the future of the service on PS5.

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gangsta_red548d ago

Sounds like Sony is definitely planning for a future with PSnow. Almost as if this is where gaming is headed.

Good to see Sony improve on this subscription service by lowering the price and offering better games. It'll be interesting to see their improvements since they were one of the first ones to introduce this to public.

Kribwalker548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

it’s looking more and more like i’m gonna just buy the next xbox and sign up and stream the PS5 exclusives as they become available next gen. You’re not missing anything playing a single player game a few months later then launch. It’s not like a MP game where you’re going to be behind people on it and have to catch up, so why not just by one console and wait to play the SP exclusives till later.

Maybe even just build a crazy gaming PC for next gen and not even buy a console at all (except nintendo exclusives so i’d still need a switch). Xbox exclusives would definitely look best on a high powered PC, and PSnow will stream to the PC as well. I’m gonna have to start thinking about that, but it seems like PC/Switch is the best combo for next gen

gangsta_red548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

Definitely understandable, but for me personally I would rather have the PSnow option to download and play like that.

"You’re not missing anything playing a single player game a few months later then launch"

That's also true but Sony has said they are going to invest more in MP so with that it's going to be interesting to see how their mp games will play when streaming.

One good thing about using your PC to play Sony games from PSnow is you won't need to pay for multiplayer. I think this is going to be (and should) be the next big topic for gamers and journalists. Why are we paying for multiplayer on consoles and not PC?

"I’m gonna have to start thinking about that.."

You'll also start to get what all the WoW Classic conversations are all about 😂

Flewid638548d ago

Hence why PS4 and PC is my combo.

But considering 90% of my time is playing SP, I don't really have a need for much else.

MasterCornholio548d ago

I agree with building a powerful PC because that's what I did. But I disagree with using a streaming service because thats just an inferior way to play any games. The input lag and compression ruin the experience for me. It might be fine for some people but my standards tend to be higher than most.

sampsonon548d ago

as if people that are into solid single player AAA games will wait over a yr to play The Last Of Us 2 lol
not happening. or Horizon, God Of War or almost any other ps single player game.

there s nothing worse than having someone ruin a game by spoiling it.

not going to happen

crazyCoconuts548d ago

PS + PC for me, since all Xbox exclusives go to PC, but not the other way around. Streaming won't be true 4k HDR for quite some time

SprigganN4G548d ago

With xCloud (with GamePass Ultimate) and PS Now for SP exclusives, PC is a good way to go for next gen.

timotim548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

This is what Ill be doing. Already have the Xbox/PC combo and it works great for me with Play Anywhere and XGP Ultimate. Ill use PS Now next gen to get the SP game fixes from Sony no problem waiting 6 months. And Sony might actually allow us to download them for native play at some point since they seem to be going all in on it.

XabiDaChosenOne548d ago

That's just doesn't make sense, why would you buy the next Xbox and have a PC when a PC is going to run Xbox exclusives better than the console and have free online? Just weird..

Livingthedream547d ago

Been a thinking that myself, I was just recently looking into PSNOW, and the only thing that deterred me from subscribing was the 720p res for PC streaming. When they get that updated and upgraded, it'll be an easy sell.

Obscure_Observer547d ago

I´m a console gamer! I don´t care about PCs anymore! So is PS5 and Scarllet for me just like it´s PS4 and Xbox One this generation!

Game Pass and PS Now will allow me to download first party exclusives and play those games at maximum visual fidelity and performance.

nowitzki2004547d ago

U still need ps5 for exclusives buddy. Good try though. Xbox is useless dont try and bring playstation down with it.

Kribwalker547d ago (Edited 547d ago )


Not necessarily. Sony is talking about improving their service and putting bigger games on PSnow, and PSnow streams to PC, and if they are improving their services, i’m sure by using the Azure Cloud, their streaming could be a viable option with better quality, and if that’s the case, you wouldn’t need a PS5 to play exclusives in good quality. And for the 2-3 must play you’d get in a year, i could sub in and out and play them and save money on a console

S2Killinit547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

I’ll be getting the PS5 along with my PC for any xbox games (hopefully next gen they will actually have something worth playing)

“One of the first” dont try to share the blame, we all know it was MS pushing for services. At least own what you support.

Master of Unlocking547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

If you build "a crazy gaming rig" as you put it, you don't need to buy a Switch, as you'll be able to emulate its games on it, and at much higher framerates and (probably) resolutions than on their original hardware.

When it comes to PS Now on PC however, since they lowered the price and added GTA V they thought it was a good idea to brag about it by adding a tile for it on the PS4 UI (a 2nd one then), so I took a look. Well let me tell you that the selection of games, notwithstanding the fact that PSOne or PSP or PSVita games are nowhere to be found, is incredibly poor. Knowing Sony, you'll be waiting for aaaaaaaaaaages for them to upload their most interesting titles on there (if they ever do that), and it will most probably never cover the whole selection of their whole console line-up. Plus, only a tiny fraction of them, like PS4 God of War for ex. currently offer download as an option, so you can kiss surround sound goodbye and say hello to input lag and visual artefacts whenever your internet connection stability drops.

Nah, a powerful gaming rig is also what I want, but for the better or worse, if Sony come up with a slew of PS5-exclusive titles anywhere near as good as what they've done til now, you're gonna want the specific system to play them. It kinda pains me to say that because I don't like my PS4 Pro all that much and consider I shed way too much money on it for what it does, which is probably the case for all videogame consoles by the way, but truth be told, you just can't count on Sony to offer a truly viable service with PSNow going down the road. Which is perhaps also their goal, coming to think of it.

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LoneGaymer548d ago

Not almost where it's headed, it is where it's headed.

badz149547d ago

personally, as long as they keep streaming services as optional, I have no problem with it as I will NEVER EVER subscribe to any of them.

the day I can't play games I really want day 1 without being subscribed to any service is the day I'll stop with that gen's gaming altogether. I'll just fire up my old consoles. there are tons of PS2, PS3 and PS4 games in my backlog I haven't finish yet.

xX-oldboy-Xx548d ago ShowReplies(5)
TGGJustin548d ago

I mean this kind of goes without saying. They weren't just going to scrap PS Now especially when we've seen they've started to push it harder now.

gangsta_red548d ago

It definitely took them a long time though. Could it be at that time they bought and implemented it the tech wasn't there yet?

The reason I say this because we always read "lag lag lag lag" but things are always improving and who knows where we might be in 5 to 6 years...maybe even sooner.

I remember playing NFL2k on Dreamcast online on a 56k and thinking to myself, this online stuff will never take off.

Boy oh boy, I'm glad I don't give out investment advice.

Lon3wolf548d ago

You were so lucky we got a 33k modem in the UK :(, such an odd choice by Sega.

ABizzel1548d ago

No the teach was always there, since PSNow is based off Gaikai tech that did game streaming 8 years ago (can't believe its been that long).

The reason for the push now, is like any market. Compeititon.

Xbox GamePass has set the foundation for what it is to be a gaming subscription service, and while they lack streaming, it will be there with Project X Cloud.

And with new challenges from Google, mobile, and others Sony had to get PSNow to the price and to the performance level it needed to be at to compete and lead the pack as well.

I still say Game Pass is a better product for consumers currently, but I expect this to change and both will be on par with one another next-gen with Game Pass focusing on Day 1 Xbox exclusives, and PSNow focusing on lower price and a larger library of games to differentiate the two.

gangsta_red548d ago


".... is based off Gaikai tech that did game streaming 8 years ago (can't believe its been that long)."

Very long indeed. But now that I think about it, it was OnLive that failed because the games they were streaming were plagued with lag.

"The reason for the push now, is like any market. Compeititon."

I completely agree, but another reason for this competition is because the tech is finally acceptable and lot more companies are not investing in after building their foundation over the years.

"I still say Game Pass is a better product for consumers currently..."

Also agree, and I also think things are going to heat up in this space where we'll see more competition and these gaming giants trying to outdo each other for our monthly subscriptions. IMO, I say please, try and top each other by giving us more deals or better incentives for our money.

THC CELL548d ago

It's actually better since it's been ramped up I'd say much better than some sevice or par

Also remote play on Xperia or android I can never really tell much lag

Gardenia548d ago

They should add PS1 and PS2 games. So many good games on those systems.

ABizzel1548d ago

It already supports PS2 games. PS1 games should easily be doable as well, but honestly, the majority of those games don't hold up well anymore... Not saying they shouldn't be added because of that, but if no one's playing those then they'll just take up space.

I think that's why we're seeing remasters / remakes of the best of those gens, for nostalgia, but also so fans of those franchises can play them with better controls and graphics.

Muzikguy547d ago

There are so many I still want to see remastered. Favorites like Soul Reaver, Nightmare Creatures, and many RPGs of the day.

Elda548d ago

Hopefully they will improve the resolution on PS Now by time the PS5 releases. It wouldn't make any sense streaming PS Now games in resolutions of just 720p on the PS5. If the Stadia can stream new games up to 4k PS Now should be able to do the same thing especially with much older titles.

darthv72548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

Well, consider the source. PS1 games were 240p, PS2 were 480i and 480p (with an occasional 720/1080 game) and the majority of PS3 were 720p with many supporting 1080p. So PSNow doing 720p is just right for those systems but it def needs to be 1080p for PS4 games moving forward. Then they can have the PS5 use checkerboard rendering to upscale to 4k.

Traecy548d ago

I agree with Elda. Though it's not streaming but if the X can enhance the XBOX games from the first Xbox & the XB360 library to resolutions up to 4k & the Stadia can stream current & next gen games in 4k by time the PS5 releases the games on the PS Now that can be downloaded & streamed should be playable in resolutions of 720p to 4k. In 2020 imo 720p should be obsolete.

battlegrog548d ago

You dont understand how it works. Stadia can do this because it has a large scale server structure with the highest level graphic cards in them. PS now is insanely small scale.This was a small out dated streaming tech company sony bought. Thankfully though sony has made a deal with MS to use its mass server structure and they will have a similar setup to what xcloud will be.So you will see new ps5 hardware added to its servers and ps now should be much much better in a year from now !

Gunstar75547d ago

You got disagrees for an obviously true comment. LoL

timotim548d ago

Im pretty sure that's apart of the improvements coming. It has to be or Sony will have a tough time getting subs

Ricegum548d ago

Isn't PSNow raking in more money than all the other subscriptions combined?

timotim548d ago


I dont think so, but would love to see the evidence you have to back up that statement. However, that wasn't the point of my post. Last we checked, their was under a million PSNow total subscribers...with the competition that's heating up in this space, Sony will have to (which is why you see them improving their service with these recent announcements), especially with Stadia and potentially more players joining.

The point of my post was that in order to continue to get subs, they will have to constantly be making PSNow easy one would be increasing the resolution from 720p to at least 1080p and beyond.

badz149547d ago


yeah...keep thinking that PSNow doesn't make money


Kribwalker547d ago (Edited 547d ago )


The funny thing is you are quoting an article, that is an estimate, and yet the Math doesn’t add up, and the estimate is way off.

You see, Psnow has 700,000 subscribers, as announced by Sony in April of this year
And it’s increased by an avg of 40% year over year to get to that point. But since we have solid numbers, let’s plug in 700,000 to our equation.
143,000,000/3 (that 143 was made in a quarter)
$47,666,667 a month and divide that by the total subs 700,000
and you get $68.09
So for that number to be correct, and for them to have made $143 million that quarter, each of those 700,000 subs would have had to have paid $204.29 for 3 months or $68.09 a month for a sub.

We know sony doesn’t charge $68 a month for their sub, so we then know the estimate of $143 million made in a quarter is absolutely incorrect

timotim547d ago


"A new report from Superdata has determined that subscription services for video games have taken in about $273 million in the third quarter of 2018."

For starters, this "report" was done about a year ago and is vastly outdated by now. However, as you can see from the quote, these numbers aren't official numbers, the story was simply ran with from a PlayStation centric website because it supported what they wanted to see. Their is no way only 700k subscribers, which is very low has spent that much money in a quarter. Lastly my post talked about getting NEW SUBS (as in the total amount of PEOPLE subscribing), not the amount of revenue the service brought in. We know XGP has over a million subscribers according to Phil Spencer post talked about Sony improving their service to increase that 700k number we know is official with other players starting enter this space.

Christopher547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

Umm, @kribwalker, the world isn't in U.S. dollars. Nor does it account for profits from DLC/MTX via those same services. Kind of the same way Game Pass makes more per month than the cost of the subscription.

Kribwalker546d ago


What??? You made no sense. The article Badz brought up, said that superdata estimated Sony made $143 million US in a 3 month span last year (1 qtr) worldwide on PSnow subs.

If that number was true, sony would have to have way more then the 700,000 subscribers they announced they had, as like i stated, to make $143 million US on subs in 3 months it would be the equivalent of $68.09 a month per subscriber for the PSNow service.

Superdata was way off with their estimate of subscription revenue, by a lot, so that article that Badz linked is factually incorrect. Unless sony lied and severely under reported their sub base. Which would be absolutely stupid to do

Christopher546d ago


1. Japanese/Euro/etc. when converted to US$ is higher than the US$. Most subscriptions for this are out of Japan where it is actually the most costly in US$.

2. When you buy DLC/MTX via the streaming service or its downloaded games, that is counted as profit due to the plan. So, let's say someone downloads and plays the Batman Arkham games. They have a ton of DLC. But, what you get via PSNow is only the core games, not everything. So, when people buy the DLC to go with that PSNow item, that's profit for PSNow.

3. As I said, this is the business plan model for GamePass as well. When someone gets a game via Game Pass, they get the base game and must buy DLC or MTX associated with it. That's a profit for the Game Pass model as well.

Those added profits make the profit per month more than the cost charged to the customer. No one said the amount presented was just subscription fees, it was amount made during that time (I think it was even revenue and not profit as well, so it doesn't take into account costs).

Kribwalker545d ago


Ok, so if the way superdata figured this out, is like you’re suggesting, that they took sub prices and money they spent on dlc and MTs in fhose games that are part of the sub package, it’s still way off.
“On average, subscribers to game services spend $25 a month on in-game content, compared to $10 for non-subscribers.”

So, if the average spent money on games in the service is $25 a month, that would equal 52,500,000 on in game content for 700,000 subs. and the 31,493,000 they make on subs for 3 months ($44.99 for 3 months at the time) which is then $83,993,000 for 3 months revenue.

And superdata converted everything to american dollars on a worldwide basis. They stated it was $143 million worldwide for worldwide money from psnow. I don’t know why you keep telling me US dollars isn’t worldwide, i’m not the one that converted it to that

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Kribwalker548d ago

with the power of the azure cloud they should have no problem. The infrastructure with Azure is just so much better than what sony got with the purchase of Gaikai

MasterCornholio547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

They didn't acquire Gaikai for the servers.

"Gaikai (外海, lit. "open sea", i.e. an expansive outdoor space) is an American company which provides technology for the streaming of high-end video games."

They will still use Gaikai technology for their streaming service.

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