Sega Sinks the Sonic Ship "They gave Shadow a gun in his game, and it was predictably horrible. What makes them think a sword will turn the tide of popular opinion for Sonic? The last good Sonic game was Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. Nothing since then has lived up to the Sonic name. Take for example Sonic the Hedgehog, on the 360. It was riddled with glitches, slow load times (in a game that's all about speed, this problem is only exacerbated), camera and control issues. Secret Rings on the Wii was criticized, albeit not as harshly, for the exact same problems. Both titles saw comparatively low sales for for Sonic games, and the team began to panic."

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knamelis3654d ago

Is Dr. Robotnik even in these games anymore?

PirateThom3654d ago

No one even knows. Hopefully not, since Robotnik was awesome.

He's not even Dr. Robotnik anymore, they renamed him Dr. Eggman after a random insult Sonic threw at him in Sonic Adventure.

robotnik3653d ago

My name is Dr. Ivo Robotnik! (ロボトニック, Robotonikku). Not that Eggman bullshit, I have feelings damnit.

FrankDaTank3653d ago

Sonic needs a beer. He's got a long depressing road ahead of him.

MashedButtons3653d ago

Didn't he used to have a pot belly back when he was cool?

johover1123653d ago


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PirateThom3654d ago

Sonic is dead.

He has been for years.

I think Sega just stopped caring about the character when they didn't have a console riding on his popularity.

To be fair though, the dive in quality can easily be attributed to too many characters. When there's a game called "Sonic the Hedgehog", I want to play most of the game as Sonic. Sonic Rush is the best Sonic game in YEARS!

It's 2D, it's fast paced, the level design harkens back to the old days and, most importantly, there's only two playable characters!

Final_Rpg3654d ago

The difference in effort between making a DS title and for one for the consoles is huge. You can't say that if they can make a good DS title they are capable of making a great Sonic game. Maybe it's they aren't good enough anymore. They might be lacking the talent that was good enough for the old days, but are not cutting it in today's industry.

Now I'm sure this isn't the case, they still release some outstanding titles from time to time. But goddamit Sega you aren't trying to hard at proving me wrong. Look at sonic, look at this state you have reduced to him to. Are you ashamed? He's on the ground, run over, urinated on and singed by cigarette butts from the passing by. Give a hand to the man/hedgehog that helped raise you from the nothing you were to what you are today. He raised you, nurtured you, is this how you're going to repay him? Poor Sonic, he deserves so much better than this.

SuicideFLip3654d ago

They always claim that the new Sonic game is the one that recaptures the love we had for the old games. I'm starting to think that's not possible.

Smacktard3654d ago

Amazing. Only Sega could sink their same ship so many times.

Rasky3654d ago

Does anyone remember the song from the first level in Sonic Adventure 2? I used to sing it with a group of drunken friends. Good times.

Rollin around at the speed of sound
got places to go
got to follow my rainbooooowww

So corny yet so awesome. It was all downhill after that game.

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The story is too old to be commented.