Legends of Runeterra: How Riot's New Game Expands the League of Legends Universe -IGN

And why it’s going to shake up the digital card game genre.


League Of Legends Has An Identity Crisis

League of Legends is one of the first MOBAs, boasting many unique characters and mechanics, yet today struggles to produce anything original.


Here's Why Fans Should Boycott Ahri's $500 Faker Skin

A skin more expensive than the PC you'll play the game on.

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Knightofelemia15d ago

People can be pretty stupid when it comes to money. I mean there was an article on here about a moron who spent $1 million on a skin for a gun. And look how many suckers feed Star Citizen cash as well. So I would not be surprised if some dumbass was or is dumb enough to buy this skin. $500 for a skin nah I would rather use the money towards something tangible like food, rent, gas, bills.

Vits15d ago

I doesn't matter if we boycott or not. This Skin was never meant for the western market. Korea and China are the true targets and they will buy it like there is no tomorrow.

Chocoburger14d ago

You don't need to give us reasons why to boycott the skin / game / company. We already know to do so.


5 of the best K-pop x Gaming collaborations

James writes - "The gaming industry is an absolute financial juggernaut, so let’s look at 5 of the best and most interesting K-pop x Gaming collaborations."

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Chocoburger19d ago

This list is missing Fin.K.L's appearance in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.