Someone Spent Over $220,000 In Microtransactions On A Transformers Game

You thought $90,000 in microtransactions was bad? Then you should see what one person spent on a mobile Transformers game.

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gangsta_red652d ago

I used to play this game and wow, every thing was centered around gating a user as much as possible.

Wasn't long before you hit a wall or have to wait days to farm or build items because you're not spending real money.

neutralgamer1992651d ago

this is why these publishers and i am not even going to call them greedy and fighting so hard to protect MT in games. The reason i won't call them greedy because your have people like this gamer here who are called whales and they are the reasons we all have to deal with MT in our games

from a publishers point of view it's easy money

Cobra951651d ago

That doesn't mean the publishers aren't greedy. They're ruining the scene for most gamers to make far more money than they need from some people with more money than sense (and some without both, who end up bankrupting themselves). That's practically a definition of greed.

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Cmv38650d ago

They are greedy, and they exploit psychological impulses. But we can't only blame the developers, and I won't call this person stupid. But I can think MJ of other things I'd spend 220k on rather than a video game.

xTonyMontana651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

I'm not sure what's worse, seeing the same gating strategies used in subscription based AAA games like WoW (it's one of BFA's largest criticisms) or the fact developers are talking about this sort of spending in a positive way.

deafdani651d ago

I don't hate microtransactions (or even loot boxes) as long as they are cosmetic, fairly implemented, and don't lock any gameplay aspect behind a paywall. There are FTP games that understand this perfectly, and I am, in fact, a big fan of Paladins, a FTP game that I've been playing non-stop for over a year now because their microtransactions are pretty well implemented (100% cosmetic, loot boxes never give you repeat items, and plenty of options to buy stuff you actually want outright if you don't want to bet on loot boxes).

But any game that restricts my playtime unless I pay money, or becomes pay to win in any way... yeah no, fuck that.

gangsta_red651d ago

"But any game that restricts my playtime unless I pay money, or becomes pay to win in any way... yeah no, fuck that."

100% agreed, this is why I can't get behind a lot of FTP games that are basically designed around this model.

Artemidorus650d ago

So this must of been a free to play?

gangsta_red650d ago

Yeah it's a FTP mobile game so no surprise here.

The reason why I tried it is because I'm a Transformers fan but unfortunately this falls into the oh so familiar pay for everything you do realm that plagues these ftp games on mobile devices.

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XiNatsuDragnel652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

Oh hell no MTs need to stop

Asuka651d ago

I agree but sadly this is the very reason why it will never stop.

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Cobra951651d ago

Not without regulation or legislation.

xHeavYx651d ago

MTs won't stop until idiots like the one spending almost a quarter of a million dollars exist

RosweeSon651d ago

They won’t tho if people out there are spending this much. I’d wanna be in the game for the much.

deafdani651d ago

Microtransactions aren't inherently evil. You can do them right, and there are games that do so. Sadly, they are the minority, I guess.

XiNatsuDragnel651d ago

No mate, this is the majority of scummy MTs.

deafdani651d ago

I think you misunderstood my post. I said that the games that have well implemented, fair microtransactions are the minority. So yeah, we agree here.

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Knightofelemia652d ago

I'd hate to be that guy explaining to the wife we can't afford rent or keep food in the fridge because I spent the money on a damn cellphone game.

MrCrimson651d ago

It's probably a Saudi prince tbh.

sushimama651d ago

LMAO an image of a Saudi Prince sitting cross-legged on the floor of his palace playing his mobile phone just flashed across my mind. xD

deafdani651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

Nevermind rent or food in the fridge, explain why you have to sell the house... lol.

conanlifts650d ago

More likely explaining why they need to sell the house.

UnSelf651d ago

(In Jim Carrey's Liar Liar voice)