Sony PlayStation - 5 Biggest Gaming Successes

Tristan Reyes: PlayStation has had many mistakes made over the years, but they don't overshadow the successes that they have. We'll show you what they did.

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sushimama348d ago

1. PS Now cut prices
2. Playstation Portable
3. The Playstation 4
4. Playstation 2 Best selling console of all time
5. Long-lasting Exclusives

PS Now cut prices? Really? That's number 1 in Sony's top 5 all time biggest gaming successes? This whole thing is weird.

Applejack347d ago

Are those in any particular order? If so then yeah, that’s odd.

william_cade347d ago

Man/woman's got to hustle.

blackblades346d ago

I see what they did there with the title, im still not clicking on the actual article.