Marvel's Avengers' Approach To Microtransactions Is Actually Kind Of Good

WellPlayed spoke to Crystal Dynamics at PAX AUS about their monetisation plans for Marvel's Avengers

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isarai1332d ago

So the game's not even out yet, but they already have a bunch of outfits you can ONLY unlock by paying for them with real $$. And you're telling me that's good?

You know what other marvel game had a ton of outfits? Spider-Man, you know how many you have to pay for? None! Hell they even kept adding new ones FOR FREE!

The more complacent (or worse, congratulatory) you become over MTs no matter the form, the more they'll push to see just how much they can squeeze out if you, and in how many ways they can do it.

--Onilink--1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Just look at shadowkeep for a perfect example, previously all destiny mt were purely cosmetic, most attainable rather normally in game.
Then exclusive eververse items started showing up, then they kept increasing the # of items like that.
Now in shadowkeep, the amount of new armor sets in game is but a fraction of previous entries, almost all guns are visual reskins, and yet there is probably just as much (actually new) stuff, but now fully locked to the eververse (since they removed the bright engrams and you barely get any bright dust).

“Just cosmetic” is not good enough, because eventually they will start taking away what would otherwise be normal content and put it in (ridiculously overpriced) microtransactions.

If anything, at least price your content accordingly. Most of the content will be in the mt store? Fine, then dont charge $35 for the expansion. Dont charge $15 for a simple armor skin (for just ONE character, $45 if you want it for all classes...)

No Way1332d ago

Right. Like, maaaaaaaybe I'd be okay paying 25 cents to 50 cents for some cosmetic things.

But, $10? Hahahah. No.

maximumspidey1332d ago

whoa hold on now. if you wanted the dlc story costumes you did have to buy the dlc I believe but they were really good with the suits

cloganart1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Reminder that you had to pay for the Spider-Man DLCs, and it was done for after the 3 chapters. Also, reminder that to get the suits in the DLCs you could only get them if you bought the DLCs.

Nice arguments bro.

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King91332d ago

This is it I’m not buying this crap.

isarai1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Same, before i was on the "it's fine is it's just cosmetic only" train, but i quickly noticed thats just a ploy to make you complacent to their existence, then they start selling you gameplay and progression items which ALWAYS affects in game grinding. This is them starting the cycle again but with your SINGLE PLAYER GAMES!

For the past year or so i just straight up dont buy games with MTs. Im f#$king done with this garbage, and it seems many people are starting to hit that point too, with preorder numbers finally starting to reflect people's frustration with it and devs trying to apply damage control to get them back. I've passed on many games i would've loved to play like Crash Team Racing, but im not going to support that garbage.

Godmars2901332d ago

Its articles like this that legitimizes MTs. F**k this article.

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