Destiny 2 vendor refresh unlikely as Bungie looks forward

Hamish Lindsay, Stevivor -- "A refresh of the weapons and armor available from vendors in Destiny 2 is unlikely to happen soon, according to Victoria Dollbaum, Design Director at Bungie."

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AllMightyFox551d ago

you mean they designed the new expansion without any new weapons or armor ??

you mean they did a half *ssed job and continued their streak of lack of content for this franchise ??

and you mean they have no plans to correct this issue, just going to act like everything and everyone is happy and ok ?

well if I didn't expect it and was delusional about Bungie being a decent dev I might of gotten upset …

but let's face it, this is Bungie and D3 is going to be no different ,,,,

ChronoJoe551d ago

No that's not what it means. The new expansion does have new weapons and armour, it's just that the vendors in the tower still sell old designs.

AllMightyFox551d ago

oh fanboy how lost are you ??

each class got 1 piece of exotic armor with new set … no other sets were added

that's why the vendors are carrying old gear, there isn't new gear for them to sell and Bungie here is saying

"tough cookies we aren't going to make new gear, we are working on D3"

if you were a player then you'd know the drops (warlock 4 me) were old Prodigal and Thorium sets …

so sorry but you can't defend Destiny or Bungie, nor can you prove they added new gear that isn't in the game

"I don't take it easy on fanboys and fools because if you don't kill stupidity is spreads, just look at Earth now"

xTonyMontana550d ago

Isn't that how this is done though? You release your new content and go "we got your money lolz" as nicely as possible.

In Bungie's defence, they were getting additional support from some of Activision's other studios and breaking up is always tough. I honestly hope that they shifting focus to Destiny 3, Destiny 2 is a lost cause for me personally as a Bungie fan.

551d ago