5 Sequels We Would Love To See On Project Scarlett

Sam Smith writes: "While we hope to see lots of fresh and exciting new IPs on Project Scarlett, here are 5 sequels to established Xbox franchises we’d very much like to see."

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gangsta_red781d ago

This has to be one of the lamest lists I have seen for wishing for sequels.

Perfect Dark should be on the top of this list and it's amazing that MS hasn't even attempted to try and bring this amazing franchise back.

Charlie Murder, MS should pay and get Ska Studios to make a sequel to this excellent beat 'em up game. IMO, they should have been the ones to make Battletoads

Lost Odyssey, another no brainer and should be right up there with the whole Gears/Halo/Forza chant. And while we are talking about JRPGS...

Magna Carta, I loved the art style for this game. MS should definitely try and get a sequel to this for their new syste,

Bomberman Live, really one of the best in the series and I loved how it was simple and just focused on MP. Being able to customize your Bomberman was fun and I would love to see this make a return to Live.

Platformgamer780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

sunset overdrive 2... oh wait

EDIT: a trolling once in a while is ok, unlike most of the N4G users tho.

xX-oldboy-Xx780d ago

Please continue to levitate above us.

780d ago
Relientk77780d ago

Terrible and unappealing list