WWE 2K20 Looks Like an Absolute Disaster on PS4

There's better lookers on PS2

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Neonridr549d ago

ouch.. this doesn't look good at all.

Neonridr549d ago

what the helllllllllllll??? It's like the Twilight Zone, what is going on here?

Araragifeels 549d ago

This is why I don't buy 2K games. 2K are lazy Developers who copy and paste games to make sequel. And somehow managed to make the sequel worse or broken.

PCgamer98548d ago

Bianca's hair has a life of its own.

Cmv38548d ago

Ara....if 2k was a lazy developer that copies and paste...2k20 would look much better. I would take a copy and paste job over what ever the hell this is. This is beyond unacceptable.

MasterChief3624548d ago

To be fair, neither game does hair well. But 2k20 does seem worrying in its regression.

darthv72548d ago

That seems more like PS4 (left) vs Switch (right)

jmtstan548d ago

cmv38 maybe they copy the WWE 2k11

Jin_Sakai548d ago

“what the helllllllllllll??? It's like the Twilight Zone, what is going on here?“

Different developer.

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wwinterj548d ago

Yukes left so Visual concepts was left in shit street. It shows.

ABizzel1548d ago

I needed comedy today these videos were definitely it XD.

Acecalibur548d ago

They had to pick up the pieces after Yukes left them. It is what it is.

SheenuTheLegend548d ago

sad thing is that it is not a joke.
they are ruining a very loved franchise and it will overall hurt gamers and gaming.
Hope some good studio take over andshow us what th title is capable of just like Sony did with Spiderman.

xxShadow-Shockxx548d ago

Wow, i dont know how you get this much worse

Inzo548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

I cant believe this is still a thing.

rainslacker548d ago

I don't really get it because it's not like the key framing is different between versions. The engine itself should be able to handle the build between different hardware well enough to not have that much disparity between them. That much difference is almost like it was done intentionally to look bad.

Kribwalker548d ago

WCW/NWO Revenge for the win.

That game got so much play on my N64

XxSPIDEYxX548d ago

I guess when you're TakeTwo, you can put any product on the shelves knowing people will buy it regardless.

Xavi4K548d ago

I stooped buying wrestling games after WWE SVR 2008